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Below we publish some active searches of WiseGroup and related companies or business partners. You will need to create a user account on the system and log in to apply. If you are interested in applying for the Certified System Integrator program as an enterprise, you can fill out the form at the following link: Partners

Company Information
WisePlant Group LLC - WiseSecurity
WiseSecurity is a service division of WisePlant Group LLC dedicated to the provision and execution of specific related services to safety, security, and cybersecurity. From mid 2020 service contracts have been transferred to partners and system integrators. Since then, we have found service and job opportunities for independent professionals.
Contact Name:  Maximillian Kon
Contact Phone: 
Contact Email:  m.kon@wiseplant.com
Contact Fax: 
Category:  Cybersecurity/OT
Company Size: 
Address1:  7000 W Palmetto Park Road
Address2:  Suite 210
Zip Code:  33433
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