WisePlant – A WiseGroup Company

Where are we?

Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Here is located our business development in the United States. From here we provide consulting services for Industrial Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructures as well as specialized educational services. Located at 7000 W Palmetto Park Road Suite 210, Boca Raton (33433), Florida USA.

  • Entrada principal del edificio.

    Tomar al ascensor hacia el 2° piso.

  • Sala de eventos.

    Sala de cursos y eventos pequeños.

  • Sala de conferencias.

    Sala de reuniones y conferencias.

  • Recepción.

    Recepción y Administración.

  • Recibidor.

    Sala de espera y recepción.

Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

Our headquarters and legal address have been located here since mid-2017. We maintain the facilities solely for administrative and logistical purposes. No customers or suppliers are received at this location. (see Boca Raton). Corporate Offices located at 130 Cypress Club Road Pompano Beach (33060), Florida.

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