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Foro de Ciberseguridad Industrial - ISA Sección Colombia 2
Español Free

Foro de Ciberseguridad Industrial – ISA Sección Colombia

¡¡¡Se aproxima el “Foro de Ciberseguridad Industrial de ISA Sección Colombia”!!! ¡Es en Cartagena, este 17 de mayo, en el

May 17, 2024
EN50 EN 320
English On-Demand

Course EN50: Industrial cybersecurity management for projects in the energy, oil, and gas sector. (ID#53695)

Participate, manage, and lead the implementation of Industrial Cybersecurity Management Programs (ICMP) at end users organizations and facilities covering the

May 6, 2024
Micro Learning Understanding Zones and Conduits Max Kon
English Free

Modeling Zones and Conduits for Industrial Cyber Risk Management on Systems under Consideration (SUC)

Cybersecurity in industrial systems is no longer an exception, nor an option where we can get away with it. There

January 15, 2024

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