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Professional CommunityExclusive Community of Professionals

Enter the community of professionals with common interests in issues related to industrial safety. A space for the exchange of experiences, training, connecting with other professionals, only available and visible to registered users.

Open GroupsMembers only

Enter open groups of free subscription for registered users. Users of the community can subscribe to be part of this type of groups, only visible and accessible to registered users in the community. Visitors do not have access or visibility of any group.

Private GroupsModerated by its Creator

Participate in closed groups of limited subscription, usually visible to certain users who meet certain conditions. Example: Students of Official ISA Courses, active members of ISA or other affiliation, members of a certain organization, certified users, and others.

Study GroupsKnowledge Incorporation

They are groups where the participants of a certain training course can share experiences, concerns, questions, practical cases, etc. Even if these belong to different classes. A group of experts will be willing to share experiences and contribute content.

Knowledge GroupsTraining and Certification

They are groups that develop around a particular topic, such as a standard, a discipline or knowledge. Those interested professionals will be able to subscribe and participate in the topics of interest and existing groups.

Closed GroupsBy invitation only

They are groups closed to an exclusive or limited group of participants, such as students in a class who together took or participated in a training course. Only attendees of that class will be able to participate.

Confidentiality and PrivacyMember Configurable

We are extremely committed to the confidentiality and privacy of all members of the WISE community. It is only accessible to registered users with verified and real user profiles. All members can set privacy levels.

Share ContentShare a concern or Knowledge

Community users can share news, events, documents, videos, surveys, questions, answers, issues, solutions, experiences, knowledge, skills, notices, notifications, friends, photos, and more.

Community EventsYour Own Events

Share, meet, participate in events organized by organized members of the WISE community. Post your own event. Manage your attendance, set up alerts based on topics of interest, save your favorite events, and access selected technical material.

SurveysStatistics and Results

Generate or view surveys with the community of professionals, within any group or participate in generic surveys available in different sections of the Web. Surveys can be simple or part of a research, market, quality or satisfaction study.

Frequently Asked QuestionsCommunity Forums

Participate in FAQ forums, either by asking or answering, commenting, and rating. The FAQ forum has categories that are visible to web visitors without logging in and categories that are visible only to registered users.

Market NewsInformation of Interest

Access market news that are selected according to the topics of interest. Post what’s new that you consider relevant. Want to have a news column of your own? His profile is his own news column. You control who can view and comment.

Digital LibraryDigital Content

Access a library of classified digital content, including: documents, manuals, guides, standards, videos, courses, webinars, and others. Manage your own digital items, such as favorites, uploaded, downloaded, purchased and others.

Coffee, Lunch and LearnInformation of interest at any time

Participate in events, presentations, short courses that are available on demand (recorded) or scheduled live according to the calendar. These events can be developed by WisePlant, Partners and even members of the community.

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