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2199: Management and Management of Industrial Cybersecurity Altertas Applying the ISA/IEC-62443 Standard 1

2199: Management and Management of Industrial Cybersecurity Altertas Applying the ISA/IEC-62443 Standard

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Due to the critical situations of alert, accidents and incidents in cybersecurity that have occurred in recent decades, greater depth is required in the analysis of processes, operational statements and an effective alert system that allows identifying the nature of events and states, facilitating on the part of operators, engineers, administrators and management, the evaluation and determination of the set of assertive decision-making to maintain the operation within the ranges defined as normal avoiding significant impacts on safety, environment, costs, quality of the final product or in the generation of production restrictions.

Course Objectives:

The objective of the course is to know the main activities and requirements of the Life Cycle of Alert Management according to isA/IEC-62443 and ANSI/ISA-18.2-2016, for the development, design, installation and administration of a Cyber Security Alert System in industrial processes. To meet this objective, in the development of the course the concepts, models and conceptualization for the management and management of alarms will be presented, and the application of these criteria for the development of the philosophy of alerts, rationalization of alerts, basic design of alerts, advanced techniques of alerts, design of HMI for alerts, evaluation of monitoring, detection and response actions. Participants will learn the activities of the alert management lifecycle about the ISA/IEC-62443 and ISA/18.2 standards and how they address common alert management system issues. Key benefits of attending this course include:

  • Learn best practices to improve alert system performance.
  • Learning methods for solving common alert management problems.
  • Learn the metrics to measure success in managing alerts.
  • Learn about the best practices of an affective and successful implementation of the alert management system.

At the end of the 2199 course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop an alert management philosophy.
  • Identify alerts.
  • Streamline alerts, including classification and prioritization.
  • Design basic alerts, their monitoring, detection and notification.
  • Determine when advanced alert techniques should be used.
  • Document alerts for operations.
  • Design reports monitoring and evaluate the performance of the alert system.
  • Manage changes in alert systems.

To meet the proposed objectives, a scheduled hourly intensity of 24 Hours is required.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction.
    • Vision over time of the Design of an Alert System.
    • History of Accidents related to Alert Management.
    • Importance of Alert Management.
    • Principles, Guides, Standards, and Best Practices.
    • Management of an Alert System based on ISA/IEC-62443 and ISA/18.2-2016.
  • Philosophy and Identification of alerts.
  • Streamlining alerts.
    • Preparation of the rationalization of alerts.
    • Justification of alerts.
    • Prioritization of alerts.
    • Classification of alerts.
  • Alarm design.
    • Status of alerts.
    • Types of alerts.
    • Configuration and Monitoring.
    • Alert times and messages.
  • Implementation of the alert system.
    • HMI design.
    • Alert display.
    • Existing solutions for alert management.
    • Success stories of alert systems.
  • Alert system operation and maintenance considerations.

Modalities and schedules:

  • Face-to-face and virtual.
  • Duration: 24 total hours.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at the following groups of professionals:

  • Engineering personnel who perform specification, maintenance or updating of process alarm systems.
  • Industrial cybersecurity personnel who perform specification, maintenance or updating of cybersecurity alert systems.
  • Personnel of process engineering, control and operation of industrial process plants.
  • Corporate Cybersecurity and Industrial Information Security Personnel.


It has no specific requirements. It is recommended that the professional has knowledge of some of the following: Industrial Process Alarm Management Standard ISA/18.2, International Cybersecurity Standards by consensus of the industry ISA/IEC-62443, Corporate Cybersecurity standards or Information security STANDARDS ISO-27000, Industrial risk management standards such as ISA/IEC-61511, functional safety, Regulations and / or national standards such as NIST, NERC, and others; Experience in the management of corporate projects and cultural change management, Other industrial risk management standards (worker safety, environmental safety, etc.).