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Credits, Badges and Digital Certificates

Credits, Badges and Digital Certificates 2

How Do Badges and Digital Certificates Work?

A Digital Badge is a verifiable representation of a particular digital certificate that demonstrates and verifies a specific skill, knowledge, or experience about a person or organization, based on criteria that fit a program. These verifiable badges and certificates are stored on our servers and displayed on users’ profiles. As ISA authorized partners for the supply of its official courses, our educational programs and activities are also integrated with the certificates that are issued by ISA (International Society of Automation). Credits, Badges and Digital Certificates 1

How do I verify the validity of a Digital Certificate?

If you received a digital certificate you can enter the code in the following search engine. The system will return the search result in our database.

Certificates, Awards, Achievements and Credits. The Badges

The Digital Badges represent an achievement, an accreditation or a personal or professional condition. These may be granted by WisePlant Group LLC or by third parties. For example: Certification as a Cisco network engineer or some other.Upon request, we may incorporate into your user profile, digital badges that have been awarded by other organizations. Digital badges may or may not be accompanied by some cumulative scoring or credit system. Send these requests to experience@wiseplant.com. You have received the following digital badges.

From WisePlant Group LLC we have implemented different professional achievement recognition programs. These programs provide credit and scoring systems reflected as follows.

Accumulated in education, forums, groups, events and others. CRE (Credits)

Credits, Badges and Digital Certificates 3The credits are accumulated by the users of the system who complete educational, training, and / or assistance activities in seminars or other events (face-to-face or virtual) that take place on the platform. Credits can also be obtained by performing other activities such as participating in the forum, publishing a technical article, participating in groups, among others.

How do you get the credits?

To obtain CRE credits you must participate in educational activities that are developed by WiseCourses Academy. It usually includes conferences and some events. It is calculated by the number of hours of the activity divided by 10. Example:

  • Hours of Activity = 8
  • CRE Credits = 0.8

What activities give credits?

All activities that are developed by WiseCourses Academy grant CRE credits. Among them we can mention, courses, educational capsules and events or activities for educational and training purposes (non-commercial). You must be duly informed in the course, event or activity data sheet. As this is a recently launched credit program, some Web activities may not yet be listed. We will shortly begin to review and process the activities carried out previously. Those professionals who have developed activities before the creation of the program will also receive the credits in their user account. A reference table will be provided here shortly so that you can learn about this valuation.

What can I do with the credits?

We are preparing a package of benefits, awards and recognitions that will be reported shortly. Visit us again in this section in a couple of weeks to see the news.

How are credits redeemed?

This section is currently under development. The credits will be able to be exchanged for various options. They may also be transferred to other users among other alternatives. We are developing the corresponding forms and administrative processes.

Cumulative practical activities in the application of standards. EXP (Professional Experience)

Credits, Badges and Digital Certificates 4Professional experience credits are accumulated by users who participate in the different activities applying the ISA/IEC-62443 standards and other popular regulations (NERC, NIST, etc). Basically, the experience credits for each activity certify that the professionals have experience in the practical application of the standards. Official certificates are issued to all those professionals who receive and take training courses through WiseCourses Academy.

How do you get the experience?

To obtain the experience credits (XP) the professionals who participate in the practical activities following the compliance with the standards, receive a certificate issued through systems with traceable mechanisms, certified by a moderator or auditor leader of the project. Example of Experience Activity:

  • Hours of HLRA Activity (High Level Risk Assessment)
  • EXP Credits = 3

How is experience credited?

The certificates of experience that are obtained received by the professionals, can be sent to the mailbox experience@wiseplant.com for computation. The certificates received will be credited in the user profile.

Points systems for participation in the Q&A forums. PTS (Reputation in the Q&A Forums)

Credits, Badges and Digital Certificates 5Points are earned (or lost) by users registered in the system when they participate in the Q&A forums. Certain activities in the forums increase the points and others decrease them, according to their contributions are valued by the same community. Beyond the valuation of the community, all contributions are grateful (except for bad vocabulary, aggressiveness, racism, discrimination, abuse or lack of respect).

How do you get points?

Asking a question, answering, commenting, liking, or liking increases reputation points. Receiving a “Dislike” loses reputation points.

Where can I view my points?

Your reputation points in the forum can be viewed at the following link: LINK

IACET International Program. CEU (Continuing Education Units)

Credits, Badges and Digital Certificates 6Education units are awarded only with training courses that are accredited by the IACET organization. Currently WiseCourses Academy is authorized by ISA to provide official courses in various disciplines. The most common for us are the courses of Industrial Cybersecurity and Process Security.

How are CEUs obtained?

To obtain CEU credits you must participate in educational activities that are recognized by the IACT international accreditation program. Only official courses approved by the IACT organization can grant continuing education units to participants. 1 CEU = 10 hours.