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Professional Development"Career

As professionals we are interested in incorporating new knowledge, developing new experiences, and fulfilling our personal objectives such as to ensure our progress in the specialty or industry. From WisePlant we can help to achieve a consistent professional career development between knowledge, experience and references.

IsA Active Member"International

The international non-profit organization ISA (International Society of Automation) has developed more than 150 standards that are widely used by industry worldwide. One of the best decisions you can make is to be an active member of ISA.


The incorporation of theoretical and practical knowledge through training courses and professional certification are of fundamental importance to carry out the activities successfully avoiding bad experiences that put the professional future at risk.

Certified Consultant"Knowledge

Accessing quality training courses is of great value for every professional, while certification is a tool that generates confidence, both for the professional and for the company that requires it. It is an ideal means to demonstrate that you have reached a certain level of knowledge and experience.

Knowledge Management"Workforce

From the point of view of the organization we are interested in knowledge management, the development of skills, accompanying cultural change, fulfilling the vision and mission defined by senior management, as an acquired value that is maintained and improved continuously.

Training Programs"Knowledge

From WiseCourses we provide agnostic training programs (ISA Official Partners) combined with a series of our own courses based on practical experience, which allows professionals and organizations to develop the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed.


The development and management of knowledge based on experience with quality suppliers and certified professionals are of fundamental importance to meet the objectives in a timely manner, without economic losses. Avoid hiring false expectations.

Certified Provider"Processes,

The company or organization needs to incorporate processes, develop its capabilities and have adequate resources. It is not enough to incorporate a professional resource at the last minute. The supplier must go through a transformation in order to be in a position to supply a system or service.

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