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Training Events Management

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The types of Events and event IDs.

There are different types of events. Every event must have an ID from the beginning, since the ID will be the connector for every related document.

  • Training Events
  • Marketing Events

The following steps need to be followed and completed.

  1. Training Event Definition.
    1. Course Code and revision.
    2. Target Dates (start, end, deadline, etc.)
    3. Necessary Resources (instructor, room, project, etc.)
    4. Conditions
      1. Minimum number of students
      2. Territory
      3. Language restrictions
    5. Special offerings or particular conditions
      1. Promotional items
  2. Training Event publication
    1. Obtaining the Training Event ID.
    2. Marketing elements.
  3. Marketing Campaigns
    1. Social media publication
    2. Newsletter Communication
    3. Partners if involved.


The Roster.




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