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SecureCloud is the name we adopt at WiseGroup to refer to our document, information and file management system, available to employees, business partners, integrators, customers, and suppliers. 100% digital and based on leading exclusive technologies makes our activities much safer and more productive. We promote a supply and service chain based on secure technologies, connections and processes with a limited number of users.Access to data and information is limited to authorized users only and all activities are traceable. Digital content is classified in accordance with our information security policy. From a single place and with a single username and password you will have access to all the applications and information you need.

Multiple applications from one place. Exclusive Community of Professionals.


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  • Verification: Ok
  • Profiles: Ok


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  • Offline: Ok


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  • Multiple Payment Methods: Ok


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  • Visitors: In development.


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  • CEU Credits: In development

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Advanced configuration of profiles, permissions, actions, accesses, and mechanisms for the prevention of attacks, and other actions. Our mission is to maintain a community of high-level, small, and exclusive professionals.

VIP Contents

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  • Security: Ok

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  • On Demand: In Development

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