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Thanks a lot! 1Thank you very much for choosing us and for operating with WisePlant Group LLC, Mirellina LLC and/or WiseGroup Companies. You have been redirected to this page because your operation has been successfully processed/performed/completed, and a receipt for your operation is being sent to your mailbox. If you do not receive any notification, check your spam box and / or send us a message for verification and greater peace of mind if you wish. If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you!

[heading subtitle="Maximum Customer Satisfaction" size="3" heading_class="style-3" heading_style="divider-sm"]What is our difference? [/heading]

Our differentiation is about providing you with the best possible customer experience in selecting the products, systems and services for your critical infrastructure and applications. In making sure that you are 100% satisfied with the instruments, equipment, systems we provide, services we provide and the attention you receive from us. We carefully design some features of our service that no one else provides you and that will surely be of value to you and your company.

[heading subtitle="Security is non-negotiable" size="4" heading_class="style-3" heading_style="divider-lg" color="#6b6b6b"] Security First[/heading]

Security is the most important thing to us and is non-negotiable. We would rather lose a business than provide poor or deficient security. We are very firm with all our corporate policies. It's our mission and corporate vision to put safety first, because that's simply what we do and that's why customers come to us.

[heading subtitle="Help, support, guidance, recommendation, evaluation, etc." size="4" heading_class="style-3" heading_style="divider-lg" color="#6b6b6b"] Adequate Assistance[/heading]

Thanks a lot! 2Our highly trained specialists will help you in the selection of the right equipment, model, instrument and/or service, helping to save money, time and avoid frustrations. Technical support is available during all stages of your project, starting in the commercial phase until the last moment of life. See application guarantee.

[heading subtitle="From factory to plant door" size="4" heading_class="style-3" heading_style="divider-lg" color="#686868"] Factory and Application Warranties[/heading]

Thanks a lot! 3Shop with confidence and get a minimum factory warranty on products and services purchased through WisePlant, plus a number of additional free technical support features in your local language, calendar, and time zone. The guarantee of application must be expressly included in the quotation and at the time of accepting your Order. In the event that the product or system does not meet the guaranteed expectations of the application, it may be returned for a refund and / or cancellation of your total or partial purchase.

[heading subtitle="Fast, predictable and secure" size="4" heading_class="style-3" heading_style="divider-lg" color="#6b6b6b"] Deliveries[/heading]

Thanks a lot! 4Despite how complex imports into South American territory can sometimes be, we make this transparent to our customers with real-time location information and estimated date of arrival/delivery with foreseeable times. We have options for Door-to-Door delivery service even for large cargo sizes.

[heading subtitle="Digital Content Library" size="4" heading_class="style-3" heading_style="divider-lg" color="#727272"] Online resources[/heading]

Thanks a lot! 5Through our SecureCloud digital content platform, registered customers access a wealth of resources, tutorials, technical guides, manuals, use cases, reviews, comments and experiences in private forums and online technical support 24 hours a day.

[heading subtitle="Every day of the year 24 hours a day" size="4" heading_class="style-3" heading_style="divider-lg" color="#6d6d6d"] Free technical assistance[/heading]

Thanks a lot! 6If you have questions, WiseGroup's technical support team is ready to answer your concerns. Our technical support department is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. For more information, visit https://wiseplant.com/technical-support/.

[heading subtitle="Guards, audits, certification, diagnostics, maintenance and others" size="4" heading_class="style-3" heading_style="divider-lg" color="#727272"] Technical assistance services[/heading]

We have various options of technical assistance services tailored to our customers with passive and active guards, preventive and corrective diagnostic services, management of emergency spare parts in the factory, in the plant and / or in our offices, safety audits, certification, maintenance services among other options. For more information, please consult our sales department.

[heading subtitle="Access Extended Warranty Services" size="3" heading_class="style-3" heading_style="divider-sm"] Review and register your order[/heading]

We take great care when packing your products and/or preparing your order. Please check closely to make sure your order is complete. In case your order is incomplete, please contact us immediately, and our sales engineers will assist you.

Thanks a lot! 7

[heading subtitle="Easy, simple and fast" size="4" heading_class="style-3" heading_style="divider-lg" color="#727272"] Register your Order[/heading]

When you receive a system or equipment inside the box, you will receive specific instructions for registering your products. Please note that extended warranty services and important news services, offered by WiseGroup, are available only to users who have registered their equipment at the time of receipt.

IMPORTANT: All boxes must arrive at their destination properly packed and identified. In the event that these have been reviewed by a customs control authority, identification tapes of the corresponding customs are used. Record the observation at the time of receipt of delivery. If you notice that the boxes have arrived open or in poor condition, take pictures immediately. Verify that these have not been opened by someone else within your organization, especially the first person who receives the merchandise.

[heading subtitle="You may be useful" size="4" heading_class="style-3" heading_style="divider-lg" color="#707070"] Store the packaging[/heading]

Store all boxes and packaging material that has arrived with your order. In case there is a need for service, then you will be grateful to have a suitable box to ensure a fast and safe dispatch. In the event that you have a problem with a product, it is essential that you return it in the original packaging, with all the original manuals and warranty cards that apply.


In case there is a problem with your order, please contact our sales team. Our professionals will take care of you, no matter what it is. We will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


If you believe you have received a defective product, please contact our technical support team. Register your equipment by following the instructions inside the box. Take photographs, capture images, logs and evidence, as these are usually relevant at the time of resolution. We will assist you and provide you with an RA# (Return Authorization Number). In case the product is failed within the first 30 days of receipt, we will take care of all collection costs from your plant.

[heading subtitle="Guidelines for requesting Exchanges and/or returns" size="3" heading_class="style-3" heading_style="divider-sm"] Exchanges and Returns[/heading]

Thanks a lot! 8Consult the policies for returns and exchanges of your order, as these may change according to each of the manufacturers and brands represented. The following orientations and policies generally prevail.

[heading subtitle="Factory and Application Warranty" size="4" heading_class="style-3" heading_style="divider-lg" color="#707070"] Hassle-free return policy[/heading]

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return your product within 30 days for those types of products and regions where this is possible. We have an extended warranty service that we call "Application Guarantee". The guarantee of application must be included and be expressly indicated at the time of quotation or acceptance of your Purchase Order. In the event that the product or system does not meet the guaranteed expectations of the application, it may be returned for a refund and / or cancellation of your total or partial purchase. Please consult for advice on this option.

[heading subtitle="Not all items can be returnable" size="4" heading_class="style-3" heading_style="divider-lg" color="#707070"] Non-Returnable Items[/heading]

While we seek the greatest satisfaction of our customers and their purchases, a certain type of products and items will not be returnable. Especially those that obey a particular engineering or application specification, consumables, special orders, software, large, very heavy or bulky items, discontinued, liquidation/offers, products or equipment for personal use and others.


It all starts with wisegroup's technical support contact person. You will need to contact a technical support person to receive an RA# (Return Authorization Number) and clearly write the RA# on several sides of the packaging box with labels. (Do not write on the box, it must be with labels). Transport companies do not accept boxes with written indications outside labels. Even some of them do not accept boxes reused by other transport companies. For example: a box of TNT sent by FedEx. To make a return or return, our logistics department has prepared a checklist to use as an initial and indicative guide. Follow the instructions of the technical support staff who are serving you.

  • The item must include the AR #
  • The item must be dispatched in new conditions, without breakage or indications of misuse.
  • The item must be in its original and complete packaging.
  • The item must contain all the accessories with which it was delivered (unless otherwise indicated or that you have received specific instructions from the support technician).
  • All literature must be included, such as: manuals, warranty card, etc.
  • It must be the original buyer or the end user. Generally, warranties are not transferable from one end user to another end user.
  • At the time of receiving the product you must have registered your product through the corresponding form. Follow the instructions inside the box.
  • Use standard packaging tapes. Do not use duct tapes or tapes that are not specifically for international packaging.

You must respect the packaging guidelines and standards for international transport.