The January 10, an explosion at the Dayton Power and Light plant in Adams County, Ohio, left 6 injured. The explosion demanded a massive response and an evacuation of the affected areas and some surrounding areas.

While trying to uncover the cause of the accident, workers and people living near the JM Stuart plant were grateful that the explosion that shook the ground, and that could be heard and felt miles away, did not result in the death of no one.

Officials of the company reported that only six people were hospitalized without threat of death, for injuries suffered in the accident, and that all the rest of the staff was safe, after the explosion.

An employee, who preferred to remain anonymous, gave some statements, locating the place of origin of the explosion, Unit One of the plant. He also described the area as a warehouse in which equipment was stored and a turbine, which he believes was the source of the explosion.

At least 300 people work at the plant, and hundreds were sent home after the explosion, according to the plant employee. Company spokeswoman Mary Kabel said moments after the accident that the plant was evacuated and preliminary reports reported that all workers and contractors at the plant were safe. He also said the details surrounding the explosion were unknown, but officials said the investigation pointed to the generator as a possible source of the explosion.

DP&L officials said the plant is closed for now, and that they will evaluate the facility and complete a full investigation before restoring operations.

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