ARPEL (Regional Association of Companies of the Oil, Gas and Biofuels Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean) recently signed a memorandum of cooperation with the WisePlant Group, with the aim of jointly promoting projects, studies, events and courses related to the Cybersecurity in critical infrastructures, in the search to maximize the strengths of each one for the benefit of this theme that every day has more relevance in the oil and gas industry.

In addition, both organizations commit themselves through this agreement to exchange information on the development of initiatives that strengthen cybersecurity.

The agreement was signed by the Director General of the WisePlant Group, Maximillian Kon, and the Executive Secretary of ARPEL, Izeusse Braga.

WisePlant Group LLC is a private company based in the United States and regional offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay. Its purpose is to promote the use of global best practices in Industrial Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructures, Process Security, Intrinsic Security, People Security and Physical Security.

WisePlant Group is an official training and training agent for ISA (International Society of Automation), corporate partner of ISA, ISASecure and an active member of ICS-CERT.

For its part, ARPEL has from 2015 its Working Group on Cybersecurity, which is made up of specialists in the field of the main oil and gas companies in the region, and aims to share experiences, best management practices and new technologies applied in the world regarding the new challenges of cybersecurity.

It also seeks to raise awareness about cyber-resilience, which not only consists in preventing or responding to a cyberattack, but also includes the ability to operate during this event, adapting and recovering from it.

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About the author: Maximillian Kon WiseGroup Manager ISA Qualified Instructor
CEO & Managing Director