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Awareness in Industrial Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructures - 2108

$300.00 - $400.00

Awareness Course on Industrial Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructures IC08 (2108).

  • For ISA / ARPEL Members: USD 300, - per participant.
  • For Non-Members: USD 400, - per participant.

* In the event that the client requests local invoicing from one of our subsidiaries in South America, the final price for each country may vary depending on local taxes and foreign trade laws in each country. At the time of completing the registration form you have a list of frequently asked questions.

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General description

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand and explain the basic concepts of Industrial Cybersecurity, the priorities and the particularities that make information different from security.
  • Prevent and adopt a more preventive and conscious attitude to protect yourself from threats and the different ways of manifesting themselves.
  • Understand the different types of threats that can put industrial infrastructure at risk and the potential consequences.
  • Understand the characteristics of critical infrastructures, corporate systems and industrial systems. The importance that a good governance of the discipline has for an organization, and the existing differences between information technologies and technologies of industrial control systems.
  • Interpret some of the most significant events that have marked companies, organizations and countries in history.
  • Understand the different types of vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the field of operations and production.
  • The phases, stages and activities necessary for the implementation of a mature Industrial Cybersecurity program.

You will cover the following topics in the course:

  • Lesson 1: Cybersecurity Basics
  • Lesson 2: Understanding Industrial Cybersecurity and Industrial Critical Infrastructures.
  • Lesson 3: Industrial Cyber ​​Risk Management.
  • Lesson 4: Assessing Industrial Cyber ​​Risk.
  • Lesson 5: Implementing security to the technological infrastructure.
  • Lesson 6: Maintaining the security of the technological infrastructure.

Who is it for?

  • This awareness and training course is aimed at all audiences at all corporate, business and operational levels of an industrial organization.


It has no specific requirements, beyond interest in the subject.


Participants will receive the material digitally through the educational platform, including the following materials.

  • Access to the lessons of the course online.
  • Various documents, videos and complementary material so that participants can deepen.
  • Access to the educational campus to download complementary information and software.

Modality and Schedules:

This course is available in all face-to-face modalities (in WisePlant Offices, in the Client's Plant, in Academy) and Virtual (Synchronous, Asynchronous and On Demand). Even in face-to-face modalities, the course requires participants to use the Educational Platform to access the abundant complementary material and to take the Final Evaluation.

Duration: 8 hours with the teacher, including the final evaluation.

Certificate: Consent in Industrial Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructures

  • Points: 8
  • The exam to obtain the certification is given in class at the end of the course. Available in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Summary of the outstanding features of the course:

  • Available in Spanish and Portuguese, both the voice over and the full material of the course. The course material will be available to consult in the Educational Campus (asynchronous) in both Spanish and Portuguese and English.
  • Includes practical exercises online. Each attendee remotely accesses a dedicated computer networked from the campus with the rest of the course computers to perform various practical exercises on Cybersecurity in networks with specific software and applications.
  • Abundant supplementary reading material.
  • Virtual group study meetings until the exam even after the end of the course.
  • All the opportunities you need to take the exam up to 6 months after completing the course through the Prometric system.
  • The assistant can enter the Campus to consult the course material for a period of 1 year.
  • Coaching, chat and blog 7 × 24 for a term of 1 year assisting in the implementation of practical knowledge acquired in your organization.


All participants who meet the requirements of the course and who successfully pass the final exam with a good grade will be awarded a Digital Badge. The Digital Badge certifies that the participant has attended the 2108 training course and has taken the final evaluation test with a good grade, verifying that said participant has assimilated the new knowledge in a reasonable way.

Next dates:

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