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Industrial Cybersecurity Management for Project Managers - 2150

$500.00 - $600.00

Industrial Cybersecurity Management Course for Project Managers IC50 (2150).

  • For ISA / ARPEL Members: USD 500, - per participant.
  • For Non-Members: USD 600, - per participant.
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General description

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand each of the activities that are necessary to develop to implement a mature industrial cybersecurity program complying with international standards by consensus of the industry and other national regulations.
  • Understand the requirements and the minimum inputs necessary to start each of the activities properly, the necessary resources and an estimate of credible times.
  • Understand the objectives and deliverables that are necessary to produce as results of the different activities and the corresponding reports as demonstration and evidence of said implementation.
  • How to demonstrate compliance with the ISA / IEC-62443-XX series of standards (and other regulations). Important for the organization that wants to certify the CSMP system.
  • Formalize and document the completion of each of the major activities of the CSMP program. Observe and analyze the results of everything that is being done.
  • Certify progress progress in a modular way. It can be used by a Project Manager (PM) to appropriately monitor progress in multiple plants and processes at the same time.
  • Generate the necessary evidence that the organization is complying with the implementation of a mature and complete Industrial Cybersecurity program.
  • Facilitate good decision making to mitigate the risks of Industrial Cybernetics to protect the most valuable assets and create an industrial infrastructure resistant to all types of threats.
  • Produce and document the necessary elements to adequately justify industrial cybersecurity investments with the certainty that security risks are mitigated.

You will cover the following topics in the course:

  • Development of minimum policies and procedures necessary for the industrial cybersecurity program, CSMP.
  • Development of necessary skills, training programs and awareness of the entire organization.
  • Audit, compliance and continuous improvement.
  • Industrial Cybersecurity risk assessment phase and decision making to mitigate non-tolerable risk.
  • Security design and implementation phase to protect all industrial assets and potential risk recipients.
  • Monitoring and maintenance phase to maintain the minimum necessary security tolerable by the organization.
  • Development and classification of suppliers for Industrial safety.
  • Process of engineering, design, purchase, construction, testing and validation of security in new systems.
  • Implementation strategy and essential recommendations that will save the company more than 50% in implementation effort and resources.

Who is it for?

  • Recommended for all personnel in industrial sectors such as: energy, water, oil, gas, steel, food, pharmaceutical, and many others, which are related to the activities of critical infrastructure protection and control systems.
  • The participation of IT security managers, systems integrators, industrial control system providers, plant engineers, production management and plant operation, industrial security, instrumented security systems specialists and maintenance personnel is recommended; either high or middle management.


It has no specific requirements. However, it is recommended that the professional have knowledge of some of the following:

  • Project Management according to PI / PMBOK methodology.
  • International Cybersecurity Standards by consensus of the industry ISA / IEC-62443.
  • ISO-27000 Corporate Cybersecurity or Information Security Standards.
  • Industrial risk management standards such as ISA / IEC-61511, functional safety.
  • National regulations and / or standards such as NIST, NERC, and others.
  • Experience in managing corporate projects and managing cultural change.
  • Other industrial risk management standards (worker safety, environmental safety, etc.)


Participants will receive the material digitally through the educational platform, including the following materials.

  • Access to the lessons of the course online.
  • Various documents, videos and complementary material so that participants can deepen.
  • Access to the educational campus to download complementary information and software.

Modality and Schedules:

This course is available in all face-to-face modalities (in WisePlant Offices, in the Client's Plant, in Academy) and Virtual (Synchronous, Asynchronous and On Demand). Even in face-to-face modalities, the course requires participants to use the Educational Platform to access the abundant complementary material and to take the Final Evaluation.

Duration: 8 hours with the teacher, including the final evaluation.

Certificate: Manager of Industrial Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructures

  • Credits: 8
  • The exam to obtain the certification is given in class at the end of the course. Available in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Summary of the outstanding features of the course:

  • Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, both the voiceover and the complete course material. The course material will be available to consult in the Educational Campus (asynchronous) in both Spanish and Portuguese and English.
  • Includes practical exercises online. Each attendee remotely accesses a dedicated computer networked from the campus with the rest of the course computers to perform various practical exercises on Cybersecurity in networks with specific software and applications.
  • Abundant supplementary reading material.
  • Virtual group study meetings until the exam even after the end of the course.
  • The assistant can enter the Campus to consult the course material for a period of 1 year.
  • Coaching, chat and blog 7 × 24 for a term of 1 year assisting in the implementation of practical knowledge acquired in your organization.


All participants who meet the requirements of the course and who successfully pass the final exam with a good grade will be awarded a Digital Badge. The Digital Badge certifies that the participant has attended the 2150 training course and has taken the final evaluation test with a good grade, verifying that said participant has assimilated the new knowledge in a reasonable way.

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