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Design and implementation of the Industrial Cybersecurity recommendations in zones and ducts - 2161


Course of Design and implementation of the recommendations of industrial cybersecurity in zones and conduits (2161).

  • USD 800, - per participant.

* In the event that the client requests local invoicing from one of our subsidiaries in South America, the final price for each country may vary depending on local taxes and foreign trade laws in each country. At the time of completing the registration form you have a list of frequently asked questions.

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General description

Develop the necessary tools to implement the Implementation of Compensatory Protections and introduce changes in industrial systems complying with all the requirements of the ISA / IEC-62443 series of standards in a manner consistent with the other industrial risk disciplines.

The adequate implementation of Industrial Cybersecurity protections with minimal interference in the activities of the plant is essential for those systems that are in operation with the main objective of creating industrial infrastructure that is resilient to all types of threats, including the most persistent .

The course is developed entirely with the Zones & Conduits Manager system and mainly with the IMPLEMENT Software module, covering 100% the needs of the existing Industrial Cyber ​​Protection Implementation Phase, and the generation of industrial cybersecurity specifications for new systems (CSRS).

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the resulting recommendations during the Cyber ​​Risk Assessment (ASSESSMENT) phase.
  • In existing systems, incorporate by design the recommendations obtained in the previous stage (ASSESSMENT) within the current Zones and Conduits.
  • Define the optimal architecture of the Zones & Conduits Manager system, justify the incorporation of Zones & Conduits Analyzers by the result of the detailed risk analysis.
  • Visualize, monitor and manage the progress of cybersecurity for each Zone and Conduit as the recommendations are incorporated. Visualize how the Security Level Current is approaching the Security Level Target.
  • In future (new) systems, elaboration of the Industrial Cybersecurity (CSRS) specifications for Zones and Ducts.
  • Prioritize the implementation of safety recommendations based on the greatest contribution to risk reduction, cost, effort, Security Level Capability, etc.
  • Know the remaining vulnerabilities. Even operating the system below risk tolerance may create policies to monitor and monitor incidents of remaining risks.
  • Define and Configure the Cybersecurity Policies appropriate to each Zone and Conduct necessary for the next stage of monitoring and maintenance (MAINTENANCE)