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Manage, Evaluate and Implement ISA / IEC-62443 Like an Expert

The new training courses 2150, 2160, 2161, and 2162 are dedicated exclusively and primarily to implementation and compliance, with the ZCM system developed by WisePlant Group LLC. Users are in a position to begin implementation and begin to comply immediately and without delay with all the requirements of the ISA / IEC-62443 series of standards.
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Industrial Cyber ​​Risk Assessment to make decisions

The methodology for evaluating industrial cyber risks has received many debates since the topic began to be discussed. However, it is highly relevant for industrialists to adopt the correct methodology. There are those who have a great deal of experience in information security and seek to apply the same practices and formulas in the industry, and there are those who know that this approach is insufficient and inappropriate.
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Insufficient Cybersecurity Approach!

Addressing the solution to Cybersecurity with the traditional IT proposal of information security is insufficient for control systems, and is far from satisfying the needs of industrial plants, and much farther from mitigating cyber risk in the minimum amount. necessary.
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How to correctly define zones and conduits?

Usually we see how many professionals have a wrong concept regarding Zones and Conduits, the way in which they must be defined and the implications from the point of view of industrial cyber security.
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Meet all the requirements of the Assessment phase of ISA / IEC-62443 without additional tools

Zones & Conduits Manager consists of a solution designed and thought from scratch to satisfy all the requirements of the ISA / IEC-62443 series of standards, with the addition of other regulations, such as, NIST, NERC, C2M2, and many others. The ZCM system has been exclusively conceived for the most critical industrial environments with its traditional technologies.
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