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Our operating offices are located at the most important cities in South America, including Buenos Aires Argentina, Santiago Chile, São Paulo Brazil, Bogotá Colombia, and Montevideo Uruguay. Our headquarter is located in Florida USA where we have a logistics center. Another logistic center is available at Montevideo Uruguay.

Technical Support 7 × 24Specialized Technical Assistance to Active Clients and Installed Base

In order to optimize the management of the technical support cases and better respond to our customers, we have a Ticket Management System. All support requests are identified with a unique ID used to monitor the progress and all related communications. Each support engineer, product specialist or group of experts participates collaboratively until the case is finalized. We provide the entire history of each case under the account of each user.

✓ Pre-Sales technical support for Certified (non-commercial) Integrators
✓ Technical support to registered users and integrators during normal office hours
✓ Support for service contracts with Active SLA and Certified Integrators
✓ Issues related to Quality. Non-conformities report (internal or external)
✓ Active Contracts (Purchase Orders, Services, Courses, Logistics / Deliveries, etc.)

To create a new support case or send us a query enter your order Here.

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Send us your request for assistance or technical support request generating a Ticket. Our team of specialists will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. We will get in touch with you. Be sure to be clear in your explanation or description of the need.

Only through this system can we guarantee the best service with an appropriate scaling process. If you have a support or maintenance contract or subscription, then you must use the mechanisms agreed upon under said contract, SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Commercial supportElaboration of Technical Proposals for Clients

You can send us a request for formal information, schedule a communication in different ways, a virtual or face-to-face meeting with our assistants or specialists. Below you will find the contact information of our offices. Our sales staff will answer your questions as quickly as possible. All quotes and proposals which are issued by WiseGroup and its Partners must go through a review and approval of the competent technical area that knows the products and systems that are being considered. In the event that the technical solution is susceptible to doubts, either because the minimum required contact details of the final recipient are not available (application, project, industry, territory, etc.) or because complete technical information is not available, It may happen that the formal quote requested will not be issued.

The technical assistance service for commercial management is available (and free of charge) only for Partners or Systems Integrators in any of its categories (Agent, Registered, Certificated or Premier). Our team of experienced professionals will assist technically in the evaluation of applications and selection of the best technical solution, only to commercial professionals (with price lists) who have registered before or who are under the Integrators program. Sometimes, and depending on the complexity or the business, we involve the factory to grant the end user Application Warranty, or to ensure that the technical proposal contains the highest level of analysis and recommendation possible.

  • Get to know the Program of Partners and System Integrators Here

International Telephone ConferencesConferences the easy way - without limits!

Through the SecureCloud schedule an international conference with local numbers in each country of South America for multiple participants no matter where they are located, or the technology they use. It only requires a conventional telephone line and a local call. Many times the old one is better.

Online meetingsWithout software installation

Through the SecureCloud schedule online meetings with our professionals in virtual environments with full-duplex audio and video. Ideal for presentations or group work where visual information is relevant. For ease, simplicity and security, we adopt WebRTC technology, which does not require the installation of applications or plugins in your computer.

Compatible with Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Opera, WebRTC is being standardized through the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

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We do not take orders by phone and only respond to registered users. All orders are answered from our platform B2B + B2C. Avoid errors by passing contact data by phone.

Any request, commercial or technical, is immediately assigned to a specialist who will take care of your order with the greatest speed and cordiality. Once the professional or executive has been assigned you can communicate by telephone or by the most appropriate means.

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Send us your request generating a Ticket. Our team of specialists will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.
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