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Enter the Community of ProfessionalsIndustrial Cybersecurity and Critical Industrial Infrastructures

By registering you will be entering a small and highly specialized community of professionals. Today the community has just over 500 members.

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Important: WiseGroup is deeply committed to keeping this community safe, and friendly to all members, including yourself. With these main objectives in mind, we reserve the right to prohibit or deactivate any user account without contact information, without personal data, or using inappropriate content or suspicious behavior. Please help us make this a great place. Your account may require approval by an administrator.

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Important: Your new user account will be classified for observation for a minimum time of 24 hours up to a maximum of 72 hours. If you do not advance and complete the contact information indicated in step 4, your user account will be finally deactivated and permanently blocked.

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5. Assignment of your User ProfileAn administrator will assign the permanent access user profile