Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA (October 3, 2019) - The International Society for Automation (ISA) today announced that WisePlant, a global provider of industrial solutions in automation and secure energy, industrial cybersecurity, security of assets and functional, intrinsic and worker safety: it is a corporate partner of ISA.

WisePlant, founded in South America and based in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA. In the US, it has provided customized security and cybersecurity services and solutions to the main mission-critical process and industry companies in South America since its creation in 2012.

The company specializes in providing consulting and training services through its independent divisions WiseSecurity and WiseCourses Academy, based on the ISA / IEC-62443 series of safety standards for industrial control and automation systems (IACS). WisePlant's mission is to provide the proactive capabilities and defenses necessary to mitigate serious security risks.

ISA / IEC-62443, the only series of industrial cybersecurity standards based on the consensus of the world and those approved by the United Nations, protect the IACS and the networks that control the operating technology machinery and associated devices within the critical infrastructure and manufacturing plants. Without these defenses in place, an industrial cyberattack can cause plant shutdown, operational and equipment deterioration, and serious economic and environmental damage, and put lives at risk.

WisePlant was the first company in South America to become a member and supporter of ISASecure® Certification program that evaluates products and systems of automation and industrial control to ensure that they are robust against network attacks, free of known vulnerabilities, and comply with the security functions defined in ISA / IEC-62443 standards. WisePlant has also collaborated with ISA to educate industrial leaders in South America about ISA / IEC-62443 standards and standards-based ISA training courses.

Under the partnership agreement, WisePlant will work with ISA to jointly develop a range of informational and promotional resources, including webinars, technical content published in InTech magazine; and a wide range of online advertisements and e-newsletters, video alerts, and e-book sponsorships delivered through, ISA's online publisher of automation-related content.

"We are very excited to partner with ISA to educate critical infrastructure owners and operators about the value and importance of ISA / IEC-62443 standards, and to demonstrate how efficiently and effectively they can be adopted and implemented," said Maximillian G. Kon, CEO and Managing Director of WisePlant. “From the discrete manufacturing process, WisePlant and its divisions provide specialized consulting services and leading technology solutions to combat industrial cyber risk and improve operational security. We hope that our alliance with ISA, a widely recognized leader in safety standards, training and education in industrial automation, will build on our strategic strengths and enhance our ability to deliver value to our customers around the world. "

“As a company that provides ISA / IEC-62443 based cyber security solutions and services across the same broad spectrum of the industry that ISA serves, especially oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, mining, metals, food and Beverages, and pharmaceuticals, WisePlant is a natural fit as an ISA corporate partner, ”says Jennifer Infantino Halsey, ISA's director of marketing and communications. "WisePlant is well positioned, given its knowledge of the ISA / IEC-62443 standards, to complement our efforts to expand global awareness of the need to protect IACS from the growing risks of a cyber attack through internationally adopted cybersecurity standards."

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About WisePlant: a WiseGroup company

From our locations throughout South America — including Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santiago, Bogotá, and Montevideo — and its US headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida, WisePlant provides technology solutions to all industrial segments. Our action areas and portfolio of solutions and services include process measurement, safe automation, safe energy, industrial cybersecurity, functional safety, intrinsic safety, worker safety and asset safety with many years of experience in multidisciplinary projects.

Together with specialized system integrators, we select the technology to be used and provide customized solutions to implement the services using world-class best practices and methodologies. Our team of technicians and engineers has experience working on large-scale projects for international companies. Our knowledge and technology are applied in various industries such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, mining, metals, food, beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical and many more. For more information visit .

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