On December 20, 2016 - The magazine Processing names the Power Source SPS.500 of Bedrock Automation as an Innovative Product of the 2016. Processing It recognizes the product by its unique design, which unites CyberSecurity and Ethernet connection in a power source for critical systems, high strength and high performance.

The editor in chief of the magazine Processing, Lito Ditoro, said: "Energy sources are among the components of a process control system with a greater tendency to fail, and of those most vulnerable to cyber attacks. Bedrock's SPS.500 impresses us, not only because of its design, but also because it seems to be the only product that addresses this problem. "

Bedrock Automation designed the independent power source SPS.500 to be the safest, smartest and most durable available to date. It makes the power source, a viable part of the internet of things industry, by providing the following features, rare in current energy sources:

  • Intrinsic cybersecurity protection.
  • Ethernet and OPC / UA communications, allowing local and remote monitoring of the health of the power source.
  • A powerful cyber-secure microprocessor, and built-in memory for diagnostics and defined functionality for the software.
  • An integrated redundancy module that simplifies installation and increases reliability.
  • Two relays of type C contact incorporated, configurable by software, for the operational and diagnostic status.

The founder, CTO and vice president of engineering at Bedrock, Albert Rooyakkers said: "When we set out to design our control system, we started with a blank sheet of paper, and built it with simplicity, scalability and security from the start. We extended this principle beyond the controller, taking it to the engineering environment, to the inputs and outputs, and to the power source. Our engineering teams are dedicated to delivering the most complete Cybersecurity possible, and recognition of this effort by the magazine Processing It's really rewarding for all of us. "

To view information on the SPS.500 Energy System from Bedrock follow HERE

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