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We create a Program of the highest level, Simple, Reliable and Profitable! Together with our Partners and Certified Integrators we build the best path for the installation of leading products and systems in plants and end-user applications. Together we provide complete solutions covering all phases of the project life cycle and after-sales support.

Program Categories

WiseGroup's Partners and Systems Integrators have access to a product portfolio Unique and innovative developed by world leading manufacturers, with the best of Industrial Cyber ​​Security, Functional Security, Internet of things industry (IIoT), Real-time Asset Tracking and Worker Safety.

Systems integrators will find in our program the convenience and facility to specialize in the area that best suits their capabilities and at the same time obtain the technical and commercial assistance required to succeed in their business by winning satisfied customers with the results.

As a certified business partner

  • Expand your business opportunities with new business
  • You will expand your solution and service proposal for your regular customers
  • It will differentiate itself from its competitors with new innovative and disruptive technologies
  • You will access new industrial automation projects with new technologies
  • It will comply with international standards for Industrial Cybersecurity and Functional Safety

WiseGroup Partner integrators access a Professional Training and Certification Program complying with multiple International standards for Functional Safety (ISA84), Industrial Cybersecurity (ISA99) and Critical Infrastructures (DHS). We guide, help and certify our System Integrators to develop their projects in compliance with the standards and new market requirements.

Security of the information

Registered and certified Partners will have access to the WiseGroup Information Management System which contains a large amount of information and files so that they can better develop their activities. Those partners that are certified will have access to confidential information, including software licenses, price books and much relevant material.

Technical Support

Certified Partners will have priority access to Exclusive technical support service where your trained and certified engineers will be recognized as 1 Level technical support with the option to manage cases and scale them to the 2 and 3 levels.

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System Integrators are soughtTo specialize in Industrial Cybersecurity

System integrators with extensive knowledge of control systems, SCADA systems, industrial protocols, and experience in industrial processes for the development, integration, implementation and support of solutions and systems for Industrial Cybersecurity are sought.

We provide specialized products, training courses, professional certification, technical assistance in projects, and auditing to meet the most demanding requirements of Industrial Cybersecurity of end users and international standards such as ISA / IEC-62443 and regulations.

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