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To create a user account on our site we will ask for a certain amount of basic information from you. User accounts are going to be reviewed and verified by a system administrator. If we have any questions, we will contact you.

By submitting the registration form and checking your email account you will be accepted as a basic subscriber. In case you do not receive the e-mail to verify your email account then write us an e-mail to support@wiseplant.com. Wait at least 15 minutes to receive the verification email after submitting the form.

Once you have created your user account in the system and you have started the session, you can link your Social Network accounts, editing your profile, to make it easier for you to start the next sessions. Make sure that the secondary email account matches your email in the / Social Networks you want to use for the quick start of the session.

Free service e-mails are not accepted to create the user account with the form and you must have a corporate e-mail that is related to your personal data.

To create a user account with an e-mail for free services you should simply log in with one of the following social networks: Amazon, Facebook, Linkedin or Microsoft.

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