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Security is a fact in the day to day of all companies and we can define it as the absence of unacceptable risks to the safety of the people who work in that company or the community in which it is located. It is for this reason that more and more emphasis is placed on the use of reliable control systems, in processes that involve possible risks. Understanding as a risk the combination of the probability of certain damages occurring and the magnitude of these, the objective of the Functional Security is to reduce the risks associated with an industrial plant to an acceptable level.

To achieve this goal, different types of measures can be combined, from engineering works such as gutters or water curtains, to having systems that automatically perform protective functions; these systems are called precisely Instrumented Security Systems (SIS) and they are basically a combination of sensors, logic modules and a final control element.

Integrated Security Levels and Protection Layers

In the field of process safety and industrial automation, the rules to be followed are IEC-61508 e IEC-61511, which are recognized worldwide. The IEC-61508 was developed and published in the 1998 year as the basis for security systems in the industry in general, while the IEC-61511 has specialized for designers, integrators and end users of security systems in the process industry.

Cuatro Integrated Safety Levels (SIL) have been developed by the IEC, each indicating the degree of impact that could cause an unsafe condition:

  • SIL 1: Less protection to facilities and production
  • SIL 2: Greater protection to facilities and production (possible damages to people)
  • SIL 3: Protection of the employee and the community
  • SIL 4: Catastrophic impact on the community

Ensuring effective risk reduction requires that the various layers of protection be independent as explained in the following video, Peter Sieber of the represented company HIMA.

Security ControllersSIS, ESD, F & G, TMC, BMS, SCC

In the industry according to its particular application there are several types of instrumented safety systems, among which we can mention the most common, such as:

  • Instrumented Security Systems (SIS)
  • Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD)
  • Gas and Fire Systems (F & G)
  • Turbomachinery Control Systems (TMC)
  • Boiler and Burner Control Systems (BMS)
  • Critical Control Systems (SCC)

Each of these different types of security systems must meet a great demand to satisfy requirements of various international regulations.

HIMaxPowerful and Uninterruptible

With the HIMax security solution you comply with the most rigorous security standards, avoid failures and operate your plants as economically as possible. It does not matter how big your plants are, or what your priorities are in terms of response time and fault tolerance. You are also taking precautions for the future: HIMax can be easily adapted to meet the new requirements for the operation of the facilities.

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Plannar 4The highest level of SIL4 Safety

Whether in an oil platform or in the production of natural gas, in some industrial sectors, even the smallest commitment is a big commitment. With the HIMA Planar4 system, you benefit from a wired controller that is extremely robust and rugged. It is the only controller that is approved for implementation up to SIL 4 in accordance with IEC 61508 2 Edition (2010).

HIMatrixSmall, powerful and economical

Are you responsible for the signal technology or level crossings safeguarded in the railway industry, or are you looking for the optimal process safety solution for application in pipelines, turbines or deep water? Compact HIMatrix security systems can be used as stand-alone devices or as distributed applications. And they can even be used in 2 level explosion protection zones. They are specially developed for applications with few entrances and exits by location, and are extremely profitable, as well as extremely powerful.

HIQuad XFlexible and Scalable

HIQuad X is a modern HIQuad programmable electronic security system made by HIMA that has been used within several applications in the process industries for more than 30 years. The high-performance controller includes extended recharge functions and full communication options. In addition, the complete engineering of their systems is performed by a single platform: SILworX. If you already use HIQuad systems then you can easily switch to HIQuad X without making changes to the field wiring.

Processing Technology

HIMA HiCore technology has been developed for the application of critical systems for security. The HIMA systems are permanently running diagnostic and analysis functions in addition to the security functions. HiCore technology facilitates SIL 3 instrumented safety certifications to be incorporated into systems in an economical and reliable way, including communications with other systems.

HiCore includes the functions of instrumented security, intrinsically safe operation, communications and other services.