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BEDROCK AUTOMATION has designed and developed the safest and most robust universal ALL-IN-ONE control system in the world. This system introduces many innovations, not only in terms of cybersecurity but also in its functionalities. It is very important to know these innovations well to make a very good and optimal use of the system.

Built entirely in sealed metal ANTI-TAMPER FIPS 140-2 with passive 100% electronics, it provides the highest MTBF known and available in the market for a critical process control system. It does not require forced ventilation systems reaching the best performance in a very wide range of temperatures. High durability guaranteed by 50 years with certifications EMP, EFT and IEC-60068.

Military grade technology

BEDROCK AUTOMATION, a subsidiary of MAXIM INTEGRATED, leader in technological development for military applications, has developed and patented the BLACKFABRIC ™ CYBERSHIELD ™ technology, providing critical industrial systems with capabilities never before seen in products offered on the market (COTS - Commercial Of The Shelf) , achieving the most robust, reliable and safe energy system in the world. In addition to its small space, weight ... and elegant design!

Universal Control SystemSecure and Open Automation

With Embedded Cybersecurity (BUILT-IN) technology, the all-in-one Universal Control System (DCS, RTU, PLC, SIS) is widely scalable, open to third-party technologies, intrinsically safe from the micro-processor; becoming the most flexible, robust and safe system in the world.

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Universal Remote UnitSecure and Open Automation

With Embedded Cybersecurity Technology (BUILT-IN), OSA REMOTE is not only the safest and most robust Universal Remote Unit in the world, but it is also the most economical and powerful on the market that fits any budget.

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Developing the chain of trust throughout the industrial networkExtending the safety to the entire Plant

The exclusive and innovative technology CyberShield BEDROCK AUTOMATION allows administrators of industrial networks to extend the cyber security of control systems to third-party systems.