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Oscar is an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer, specialist in Industrial Informatics, MsC. in electronics - Industrial Automation Area, graduated from the Universidad del Cauca, Popayán, Colombia.

He has 20 years of academic experience in teaching and research. He is a tenured professor at the Universidad del Cauca attached to the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications and a researcher at the Industrial Automation Group.

He is a senior member of ISA (International Society of Automation). Member of the ISA SP88, ISA SP95 and ISA SP106 committees for the development, maintenance and updating of the ISA-18, ISA-88 standards and an expert in the ISA-95 standard.

Oscar is a recognized professional in the industrial community, and is also a founding member of the ISA section in Colombia. He works as a consultant in industrial automation projects, improvement of production processes and digital transformation.

His main lines of interest are: industrial digital transformation, diagnosis, standardization and improvement of processes and integration of production systems.

Industrial Plant ManagementWiseCourses Academy

In his academic role for WiseCourses Academy, Oscar is the author of courses 1810. 8810, and 9510, as well as instructor of the same courses in Spanish language along with Marcelo zaremba for its editions in English and Portuguese.

Additionally he is Co-Author together with Maximillian Kon of the course 1899 "Management of Industrial Events" which proposes a comprehensive management of events of control systems and others using the principles and definitions of standard 18.2 and the management and correlation of alerts and response to Industrial Cybersecurity events as a result of application the ISA / IEC-62443 series of standards, SIEM and SOC-OT activity.