EEspecially during the second half of 2020 it has been very difficult to stay active, the months of isolation, the presence of the pandemic, social responsibility, obligations, commitments, and individual needs, absolutely everything was and continues under threat, pressure and stress.

In our particular case, most of our productive structure was distributed and located in countries and regions where governments implemented very drastic and prolonged measures with little or no assistance, some of these restrictions still continue today. The economic crisis generated has been immense.

From WisePlant Group we were very affected to be able to fulfill the projects and services in a timely manner, and thanks to the understanding, collaboration and effort of some of our suppliers, together with some of our clients and collaborators, we have managed to overcome the most serious and important of this crisis and reinvent ourselves, changing the way we work, in the products and services we offer.

We still have important challenges to meet. The crisis still continues and it will take some time to return to the normal situation, or rather to the new normal. Companies must recover investment levels among many other things and many will first have to face the debts contracted and / or accumulated during this crisis.

The previous situation that we left behind will no longer return. In fact, from WisePlant we have been forced to make strategic decisions, close businesses that are no longer viable, create new ones, and implement very significant changes with a view to a future that begins to show a new path of opportunities, values, principles, and priorities.

We are hopeful and convinced that the future will be much better, although at present it is difficult to predict the course of the pandemic and the measures that will be taken by different governments, states and companies. This will largely depend on individual and group measurements and perceptions in each of the different communities, and on tackling new challenges with intelligence and wisdom.

The union, the positive common objectives, the human factor with solidarity, the ability to give, collaboration and teamwork among colleagues, clients and suppliers continue to be fundamental pillars for the support of the community, the development of a project, of a country, professional growth and that of a family.

To all those who have trusted us and continue to do so, Thank you very much!

About the author: Maximillian Kon WiseGroup Manager ISA Qualified Instructor Into Cybersecurity ISA Groups Member
CEO & Managing Director