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A broad trajectory of more than 20 years in the development of wireless solutions in aggressive environments and especially in explosive areas, followed by a great work by the department of research and development of EXTRONICS, we offer a variety of solutions for traceability of assets and localization with innovative technologies and low cost RFID. EXTRONICS has been developing IIOT solutions for more than 20 years.

Asset Location for Security, Inventory and Productivity

The visibility solutions of Extronics They use standard Wi-Fi networks to accurately locate and manage assets and people in a wide variety of hazardous process environments, from offshore production platforms to chemical factories. The system includes location in covered spaces (Indoor) and outdoor (outdoor) in real time (RTLS), of the range of active RFID, Passive RFID meeting point visibility and telemetry; allowing customers in numerous industries to boost revenue and reduce costs.

Real Time LocationUnified visibility

Unified Visibility Solutions AeroScout Industrial of Extronics (and Stanley) allows you to take advantage of existing standard wireless networks for real-time asset location by integrating Passive RFID TAGs and Active RFID TAGs.

Active RFID TAGs Wi-FiSuitable for Explosive Areas

Active RFID TAGs AeroScout EXTRONICS Industrial (and Stanley) facilitate the location and traceability of critical industrial assets by providing security and productivity in the automation of workflows and logistics.

Passive RFID TAGs UHFSuitable for Explosive Areas

A complete portfolio of UHF Passive TAGs for use in complex industrial applications. Suitable for use in explosive areas where other technologies fail to provide the right solution.

RFID Passive UHF ReadersSuitable for Explosive Areas

Industrial Readers for RFID TAGs Passives suitable for industrial areas rated explosion-proof.

Bar codesSuitable for Explosive Areas

Barcode readers suitable for explosive areas.

Passive RFID Readers ManualsSuitable for Explosive Areas

Passive UHF RFID Readers for exposure to explosive areas.

Active TAGsSelection of TAGs and mounting accessories

InfrastructureSelection of Network Exciters and Access Points

SoftwareUnified visibility platform

KITEvaluation and application development

Catalog of ServicesSpecialized Services for Project Assistance and Technical Support

The following services have been specially designed to assist end users in specific issues and to support system integrators in their projects. For the development of a turnkey project in the end user's industrial plant, other services will be necessary.

Design and Development of New SystemsDesign, installation and configuration

Support and Maintenance of Existing SystemsDiagnosis, field assistance, update and others.

Complementary servicesSpecial cases

Training coursesFor system integrators and maintenance personnel