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WiseCourses Academy It is an independent division of WisePlant. Since WiseCourses We are inspired by innovation in education to create training processes that are representative of the world in which we currently live. Create and support new systems empowering educators and professionals who have experience, to redesign the way in which new professionals acquire skills and knowledge that allow them to take advantage of new opportunities and face current and future challenges.

Industrial SecurityDo you want to become an expert and master the subject extensively?

  • Training Programs and Courses
  • Developed primarily for industry
  • Available in Spanish, Portuguese and English
  • We combine different learning styles
  • In face-to-face and virtual modalities
  • Educational Campus of excellent benefits
  • Customized programs for companies
  • Professional Certifications


Industrial Cybersecurity and Critical InfrastructuresFor awareness and introduction to Industrial Cybersecurity

It consists of a series of courses dedicated to orientation, awareness and conceptualization in industrial cybersecurity and the particularities of critical industrial infrastructures.

Compliance and Management of Industrial Cyber ​​RisksTo quickly implement and comply with efficiency, certainty and security

The following courses cover the entire life cycle to develop and implement the mature industrial cybersecurity management program, using the ZCM system developed by WisePlant. Designed to optimally and reliably implement immediately, without deviation, the international industry consensus series ISA / IEC-62443 and all other local regulations (C2M2, NIST, NERC, etc.) in a practical way.

The ZCM system developed by WisePlant will make it easier for you to comply with all requirements without deviations, generating the necessary evidence to demonstrate compliance. You will use 60% less valuable plant resources, save 50% in implementation costs, justify investments in industrial security by credibly demonstrating cyber risk reduction, control and manage implementation times with certainty and efficiency . You will no longer depend on miracle consultants who promise much more than they can deliver.

What relationship do these courses have with the official ISA courses?

These courses cover the requirements of the ISA / IEC-62443 series of standards in a practical way. The official ISA courses do so theoretically, agnostically and conceptually. In these courses we do not dedicate time to explore the theoretical bases that are necessary to obtain the official international professional certification of ISA. The official courses of ISA / IEC-62443 say what Do and what It must be done. In these courses based on the ZCM we say how Comply with standards quickly and quickly.

Do these courses serve to obtain official ISA certifications?

No. These courses serve to meet the requirements of the ISA / IEC-62443 series of standards. These courses start from the requirements (from what) and address in a practical way how to implement them, comply and certify them in an optimal, fast, reliable and auditable way.

Is material from ISA / IEC-62443 standards delivered?

No. To receive material from the ISA / IEC-62443 standards you must register and attend the official ISA courses separately or purchase the standards through the official channels designated by ISA.

Do I have to be certified in the ISA standards to implement the ZCM?

No. Certainly not. We have done this work for you and have incorporated it into the Zones & Conduits Manager system. The system forces you to comply with the requirements of the ISA / IEC-62443 series of standards. If you learn to install and configure the system as explained in the courses, you will be complying with the requirements of the ISA / IEC-62443 better than with any other system or tool available on the market. We have developed these courses especially with industrial process and control system engineers in mind.

What should I do to know the ISA / IEC-62443 series of standards?

To know in depth the series of ISA / IEC-62443 standards with all its fundamentals, developments, explanations, contents, and even receive official material from ISA, you must take the courses indicated below and / or by official sources guaranteed by ISA RTP Training

Important: There are companies and professionals who claim to provide courses on the standards of ISA / IEC-62443. However, in addition to violating intellectual property rights, these courses lack the quality and experience of official ISA instructors. Most likely, you will receive a misguided, wrong and flawed orientation.

International Professional Training and CertificationFor the certification of professionals in the ISA / IEC-62443-XX series of standards

Training Program and International Professional Certification in Cybersecurity and Critical Industrial Infrastructures. This training program consists of a series of courses organized in Levels. Once the student has incorporated a minimum of knowledge and satisfactorily passed the evaluations, they will feel confident about the knowledge acquired and will be in optimal conditions to seek the Professional Certification granted by the international non-profit organization ISA (International Society of Automation).

Safety of Industrial ProcessesTraining and professional certification program in international standards

The safety of your industrial processes affects the safety and health of your employees, as well as the success of your company. Everything depends on the quality of your security training.

Operations and Production ManagementTraining and professional certification program in international standards

The management of operations and production requires both models, workflows and information, on time, exact and precise, and in addition to the safety of industrial processes that can affect the safety and health of its multiple risk receptors, as well as the success of your company. Processes and security must be developed comprehensively.

Course Design and DevelopmentProtect and transfer your knowledge

A well-designed Training Course should be able to transfer the same knowledge to students and obtain the same results in any of its modalities (Face-to-Face, Virtual Synchronous, Virtual Asynchronous, and On-Demand). In turn, this must be able to be achieved, almost independent of the shift teacher, preserving the Know-How within the organization, companies and academic institutions. It must serve for the training of internal staff as external. Even for the "Train The Trainers". Our Methodology for the Development of Training Courses allows you to achieve these goals and becomes an ASSET valued within your organization that is only amortized. If necessary, we also help you register it and legally protect it as Intellectual property. Do you have a knowledge that has cost you a lot to develop, would you like to pack and become a Capital?

Responsible for WiseCourses Academy Group of Instructors, Authors, Reviewers and Collaborators