Zones & Conduits Manager consists of a solution designed and thought from scratch to satisfy all the requirements of the ISA / IEC-62443 series of standards, with the addition of other regulations, such as, NIST, NERC, C2M2, and many others. The ZCM system has been exclusively conceived for the most critical industrial environments with its traditional technologies.

ZCM has been designed by a group of experts from Argentina and the United States and is produced in the United States of America (Patent Pending). The ZCM accumulates a great experience and knowledge in control systems, industrial processes with more than 20 years of experience in the design and implementation of large engineering systems and projects, experts in Industrial Cybersecurity, process security, people safety, and multiple industrial risk disciplines across a wide variety of industries.

Unlike the other existing solutions on the market based on an exclusively IT information security approach, ZCM allows to meet the requirements of the physical security domain, where cyber incidents can cause harm to people and deaths, severe damage to the irreversible environment in the medium and long term, loss of industrial equipment, and all the multiple risk recipients.

Industrial Cybersecurity must be implemented in a comprehensive way and consistent with other industrial risk disciplines, says Maximillian Kon, CEO of WisePlant. You cannot improve one risk discipline to the detriment of the others. In the industrial field, the demand for availability, integrity and the very low risk tolerance are non-negotiable and unknown in the field of information security. The ZCM allows to identify, model and interpret all Industrial Cyber-Assets, from field instruments to plant network servers, connected or not to any type of industrial network, in the way in which they have been conceived by the engineers.

The ZCM allows industrialists to calculate industrial cyber risk using the plant's corporate risk matrix, rather than using a highly questionable technology vulnerability rating. The ZCM system, in addition to monitoring Industrial Cyber-Assets in real time, allows industrialists to manage industrial cyber risk in a manner consistent with other disciplines, determining the security levels (SL-T) defined by the ISA / IEC- 62443 for each Zone and Conduit, among many other features that are exclusive to ZCM.

The ZCM Server system comes with three Software modules, each one capable of meeting the specific needs of each of the phases of the Industrial Cyber ​​Security life cycle. These modules are ASSESS, IMPLEMENT, and MAINTAIN. The first ASSESS software module is required and supplied with the base system.

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About the author: Maximillian Kon
Managing Director