2160: Assessment of Industrial Cyber Risks in Zones and Conduits for future and existing Systems (ID#69442)

2160: Assessment of Industrial Cyber Risks in Zones and Conduits for future and existing Systems (ID#69442)

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Course 2160

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  • ‎‎Language‎: English
  • ‎Number of hours‎: 16 hours
  • ‎Modality: virtual online with the instructor (Not recording)‎
  • ‎Study Material‎
  • ‎Right to take a certification exam‎ (ANSI/IACET coming soon)
  • ‎Access to study groups‎
  • ‎Access to supplementary material‎

Principal Values of the Training CourseAuthority in training over International Standards

A Practical Approach to Taking Good Decisions

The students will learn about an exclusive, and extremely practical proven methodology for analyzing the industrial cybersecurity risk and taking wise, effective, efficient, and sufficient decisions that really mitigate intolerable risk, complying with ISA/IEC-62443 series of standards and any other regulation (NERC, NIST, C2M2, etc.)‎. This course is especially valuable in how to assess the risk with a proven methodology on industrial cybersecurity and critical Infrastructure projects with ease. After taking the 2160 training course, you will never get lost within the many requirements of the standards and the details of the regulations.

We are not going through the detailed requirements within the standards and regulations. This course is about learning a practical methodology for evaluating risk and taking decisions, and not getting into the details of the many standards. There is no other institution or program offering and covering this key and crucial step before jumping, spending, and taking wrong decisions that doesn’t work.

What is the WBS Framework?

‎The WBS Framework is a proven methodology for implementing and complying with all the requirements of the ISA/IEC-62443 series of standards and all local regulations and national standards at once. With efficiency and effectiveness; without getting lost, not spending on unnecessary resources, and with a fraction of time. With the WBS framework, the organization and the consultants will be optimizing the resources and maximizing the results, for the biggest return on investment and confidence, by doing the right things right.

Experienced and Accredited Training Instructors

‎To ensure an adequate and maximum transfer it is necessary to access certified instructors who have the extensive knowledge and experience necessary, making use of official material, complete, agnostic and without vices. One of the most important objectives to be achieved by the attendees is the correct interpretation of the rules and each of their requirements.‎.

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‎Course Development‎‎Attendance and Participation‎

‎This course will be developed entirely virtual in English. Course slides will be available in English language within the educational platform. Participants will have access to all course material from the educational platform indefinitely (minimum one year) with access to an abundant amount of complementary information‎.

‎Participants must have at least one computer and Internet access with an excellent quality connection (a bandwidth of at least 1 MB). Although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that participants have a camera. The virtual course is highly active participation, and the use of the camera helps the participants, teacher, and assistant to get to know each other and communicate better. While group participation is possible (two or more registered participants attending from the same computer or meeting room), it is necessary to be in a quiet place without noise around it.‎

‎At the end of the course and as a last activity, the participants will individually carry out an evaluation to obtain the corresponding certificate‎.

‎Modality and Schedules‎

‎Virtual with ‎‎exercises at the WiseCourses‎‎ Academic Campus. It contains an exam that will be run online within our Educational Campus.‎

‎Important: The course is developed strictly in the published schedules. Participants are required to have perfect attendance and have completed all the course requirements to participate in the evaluation and thus obtain the corresponding Certificate.‎

Certificate‎ of KnowledgeIndustrial Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructures Projects Manager

All participants who have satisfactorily completed 100% of the objectives of the 2160 course will be able to take the 2160 certification. Students who have successfully completed the course will be able to take the exam and thus obtain their professional certification.‎

  • ‎CRE: Credits: 1.6
  • ‎At the moment, the exam is taken only in English Language.‎
  • ‎The professional certification exam is included in the price for a single opportunity. You can have two opportunities within a maximum period of 6 months of finishing the course to earn your certificate.

‎Registration Instructions‎‎‎Registration Form, Prices and Payment Methods‎

‎‎Click on the registration button if you wish to purchase seats for one or more participants.‎

‎Prices, Forms, and means of payment‎

‎Prices are expressed in US dollars and will be invoiced in the same currency. Billing is issued by WisePlant Group LLC. Credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) or bank transfer are accepted. Payments must be made in advance before the deadline, once your registration has been accepted, the invoice will be generated with a link so that you can make the corresponding payment through a secure payment system (PCI).‎

‎ARPEL/ISA Active Member: U‎‎$D 650.00‎
‎The price is valid for a single participant. It contains the right to take the 2150 certification assessment. You will need to provide the ISA Active Member ID, or to confirm that your company is an active ARPEL member.‎
‎Non-Member: U‎‎$D ‎‎800.00‎
‎The price is valid for a single participant. It contains the right to take the 2150 certification assessment.‎


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2022-10-17 @ 09:00 (EDT) to
2022-10-20 @ 13:00 (EDT)

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