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Design and development of tailor-made courses and training programs

Design and development of tailor-made courses and training programs 2

This service has as its main objective the design and development of one (or more courses) of training starting from a need or from an existing course. Designing and producing a training course requires a process that will result in a certain number of deliverables.

Definition of Objectives

A clear definition of the Course Objectives. Many of the training courses, perhaps the vast majority of them, do not have clearly defined Objectives or these are not well communicated and informed to stakeholders. This situation generates false expectations, unfulfilled promises, including unnecessary or avoidable tensions. It becomes very difficult to assess the Course. Market your course for what it’s worth and not with a misperception. Generate satisfied customers with your training course and receive all positive reviews.

Content Adequacy

Adequacy of all the contents of the course, with a methodological approach that allows to guarantee the fulfillment of each and every one of the Objectives of the previous point with a final evaluation of Compliance. In the event of the breaches detected, you have two options: Modify the Objectives of the Course, or Continue with the Development of the Contents until the Deliverable ensures that the preset objectives are met. In an ill-conceived Training Course they will never coincide and negative evaluations will be inevitable. There may always be criticisms and recommendations for improvement, but no negative evaluations.

Material Adequacy

Adequacy of the Material to ensure maximum knowledge transfer to the entire audience. It is well known that not all people learn the same way. Each of us has a learning style and techniques for incorporating the new knowledge that comes from our experiences, specific trainings, languages, culture, etc. In our methodological approach, we have identified 8 different learning styles, and it allows us to adapt and design all the course material to ensure you maximize the transfer of knowledge to the 8 different learning styles.

Proven Methodology

The training courses and all the deliverables achieved by this service with executed with a proven methodology, considering the different learning styles and preferences for the incorporation of new knowledge. This is why during the design of our Training courses we take care of all of them. We cannot say that there is a single method or style to carry out the transfer of knowledge to a diverse audience, and that is why we take care to satisfy all styles in the best possible way.