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First interim report into July chemical explosion that killed seven in Leverkusen reveals likely cause

The first interim report on the investigation into the July 27 explosion at a chemical waste incineration plant in Leverkusen, Germany says that a chemical reaction was likely to have been the cause. The Cologne District Government made the announcement at a meeting of the City Council of Leverkusen on August 30, citing the first interim report on the investigation into the causes behind the incident.

How serious is the loss at China’s nuclear power plant?

One of the companies involved in a new nuclear reactor at Taishan in Guangdong, China, has written to the US government warning of an "imminent radiological threat" at the plant. The memo from French firm Framatome to the U.S. Department of Energy, first reported by CNN, said Chinese authorities were raising acceptable radiation limits around the power plant, to avoid shutting down the reactor. How serious is the problem and should I be worried?