Govern industrial cybersecurity by efficiently, effectively and safely complying with all the requirements of the ISA/IEC-62443 series of international standards, and complementarily comply with all the regulations that must be complied with, throughout the life cycle of each of the industrial processes, in each of your facilities. From your old industrial control systems in urgent need of security or your completely new systems in the engineering phase to meet specific cybersecurity objectives before installing them to be installed in the plant.

Manage risk accurately by complying with ISA/IEC-62443 without deviations, saving a substantial amount of work and time combined with unprescribed accuracy and consistency with all other industrial risk disciplines.

Practical Methodology, Easy and ReliableThe best methodological approach, WBS implementation framework

The ZCM system has been designed and created from a blank piece of paper, starting from the ISA/IEC-62443 series of standards to meet all of your requirements; and complementarily comply with the requirements of other popular regulations, created by organizations such as NIST, NERC, INGAA, ENISA, etc.

Cybersecurity has never been so easyYou no longer need to hire the ''genius'' who does not meet!

Know the systemGeneral Architecture for Industrial Security Governance

Zones & Conduits Enterprise Manager you can work on your own infrastructure (on-premise/on-cloud), connected to the networks of industrial systems providing real-time security. Protect cyber assets and all risk recipients to prevent them from being affected. Influence the design of industrial and plant systems, to create an infrastructure resilient to any type of threat, even the most persistent and unexpected. Don’t let critical data and sensitive information leave your plant.

Easily implement and comply with the requirements of the most comprehensive set of international standards, national laws and best practices. Including the complete series ISA/IEC-62443, NIST, NERC, C2M2, ENISA, and many others.

ZCM System

A system for governing industrial risk that meets the digital transformation requirements helps global organizations to implement sound governance practices while enforcing compliance to international standards and popular local regulations.

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Risk ReceptorsProtecting what matters most from risks and threats

With our approach to security you will be protecting the assets that really matter and all risk recipients by preventing cyber incidents from impacting all of them in an incondiderable way, creating robust, tolerable and resilient infrastructures to all types of threats that can compromise cyber-assets.

Internal Receivers

  • Workers and Visitors
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Industrial production
  • The Business (owners)

External Receivers

  • Government (Critical Infrastructures only)
  • Customers and Suppliers
  • Neighbors to the industrial plant
  • Environment

Awareness, Training and Certification CoursesSome of courses related to Security Governance

Some of the training courses that are applicable on the management and governance of industrial cybersecurity are:


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