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Certified Partner Development Process

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Summary: Assist, guide, and audit the RSI (Recognized System Integrator) developing the ISA/IEC-62443-2-4 compliance and becoming a mature CSI (Certified System Integrator) for providing comprehensive cybersecurity services and solutions to assets owners in many diverse industries. The RSI must create the necessary tools, knowledge and proficiency meeting end user needs while complying with ISA/IEC-62443 series of standards.

CPDP: Certified Partner Development Process
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This process is created and developed to meet the requirements of the ISA/IEC-62443-2-4 standard, part of the certification process and required for service providers. As a WisePlant Certified Partner, the service provider will be able to meet the ISA/IEC-62443-2-4 requirements together with a strong and proven WBS cybersecurity methodology for assessing, mitigating, and supporting industrial cybersecurity to assets owners. It is the final intention to meet all the requirements consistently. This process should be evaluated and improved on la continuous basis to finally meet all the requirements. Suggestions and improvements are welcome.


This program applies to all areas, activities, departments, suppliers, and subcontractors whose activities are involved with the design, development, production, and support of the service provider deliverables to assets owners.


The program contains processes or activities that must be executed in a certain sequence.

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