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WiseCourses Academy

WiseCourses operates as an autonomous division within WiseGroup. Progressive educational methods chiefly inspire it. Its principal aim is to design training processes that accurately mirror our contemporary world.

Educators and professionals with experience are empowered to revamp the methodology of skill and knowledge acquisition for new professionals. This pivotal change enables them to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Moreover, it equips them to confront present and future challenges effectively.

Professional Training and Certification.

The Best of Both

The best of Both Worlds

Industrial Safety & Security

Focused on Cybersecurity, Security, and Safety:

  • Training Programs and Courses
  • Developed primarily for industry
  • Available in Spanish, Portuguese, and English
  • Combine different learning styles
  • In face-to-face and virtual modalities
  • Educational Campus of excellent benefits
  • Customized programs for companies
  • Professional Certifications

Awareness for the Masses

for everyone, literally.

Industrial Cybersecurity & Critical Infrastructure

This consists of several courses focused on industrial cybersecurity. They offer orientation, awareness, and conceptualization in this field. Moreover, they also address the specific features of critical industrial infrastructures.

These courses are perfect for training large groups. For instance, they can be used in corporate awareness programs. These programs can support any Cybersecurity Management Program (CSMP) implementation.

2102 Awareness in 2 hours

2104 Awareness in 4 hours

2108 Awareness in 8 hours

2110 Cybersecurity Agent

References, Standards, and Regulations

We can create and develop entire life cycle programs for companies aligned to help deploy CSMP initiatives with easy.
Integrate ISA/IEC-62443 series with any other regulation seamlessly.

The CSMP Training Program

The Knowledge Engineers

Implementation & Compliance with Easy!

for stakeholders, participants, practitioners, project managers, managers, engineers, operators, suppliers, and consultants.

For Governance & Compliance

Cover the entire Cybersecurity, Safety & Security life cycle with an easy to develop and implement methodology. Empower your own mature industrial CSMP by using the Cybersecurity WBS Framework created by WisePlant™.

Start implementing the full series of ISA/IEC-62443 international standards instantly and optimally. These standards are universally agreed upon. Ensure to do it without deviation or causing any inconvenience.

You can choose to add any national standards and regulations such as C2M2, NIST, NERC, etc. to the same sprint. This can be done without the need for duplicating resources. Practicality is key in this process.

2150 Certified Manager

2160 Certified Assess Professional

2161 Certified in Design and Implementation

2162 Certified in Operation & Maintenance

We make it Easy

WisePlant’s Cybersecurity WBS Framework has been designed to facilitate the compliance process for all organizations. It allows them to adhere to all requirements without discrepancies. Furthermore, it generates vital evidence that proves compliance with various standards and regulations. These include the ISA/IEC-62443 series, local standards such as NIST and NERC, and prevalent regulations like C2M2, TSA, and INGAA.

The All-in-One framework based on PMBOK that every PM and stakeholder will love. Keep everyone, even the less experienced individual, on the same page without the hassle.

Return On Investment

With this proven methodology, you will: (a) save about 60% or more valuable plant resources, (b) reduce implementation costs by about 50%, (c) justify investments in industrial security by credibly demonstrating cyber risk reduction, (d) control and manage implementation times with certainty and efficiency.

Achieve predictable results that everyone can understand with very low risks. You’re not required to hire a mystical guru. Furthermore, you can stop relying on costly, sophisticated tools. These often promise far more than they can actually deliver.

WBS Certified Expert

Practical Skills: After the professional completes the courses guided by the instructor, they can receive a completion certificate. This document confirms the acquisition of the relevant skills.

Practical Experience: Once the necessary credits from real-life projects are gathered, an individual can qualify. They may then obtain the Industrial Cybersecurity Professional Expert status.

Our evaluation system allows certifying both: Knowledge and Experience. Knowing what to do, and knowing how to do it with practical, proven real-life project experience.

Professional International Training & Certificate, from ISA

for industrial cybersecurity specialists, experts, auditors, leaders, and instructors.

ISA Professional Training & Certificate

ISA, the International Society of Automation, the non-profit Organization, who knows more about industrial automation and control systems, created the world’s only international series of standards for Industrial Cybersecurity by consensus of the global industry.

Enrolling in these authoritative ISA courses allows you to gain knowledge from seasoned SMEs. They will guide you in deciphering the entire series, along with all its prerequisites. Moreover, they provide comprehensive models on the ISA/IEC-62443.X-X.

ISA Cybersecurity Expert

Upon successful acquisition of the four certificates namely IC32, IC33, IC34, and IC37, participants are eligible for an exchange. They can trade these for a single certificate, known as ‘Cybersecurity Expert’.

IC32 Fundamentals

IC33 Assessment Specialist

IC34 Design Specialist

IC37 Maintenance Specialist

Why ISA?

Established in 1945, ISA is a renowned global organization. It has published over 150 international standards to date. Primarily, it caters to automation and control professionals. It does so through various means such as creating standards and providing certification. Additionally, they offer education and training programs. They also engage in publishing activities and organizing technical events.

ISA’s courses are known and respected worldwide for their unbiased, practical approach to technology application.

ISA has been delivering successful outcomes for over 75 years. They have a proven record of identifying real-world training necessities. These are often required by organizations and automation and control professionals. Working with top-notch content experts, they provide swift and tailor-made solutions.

ISA Badges Training

We have been collaborating with ISA from the start of the program. Our joint efforts focus on developing and delivering official training courses. We also issue certificates. Scheduling requires ISA Approval and Authorization.

Alarm, Alert & Response Management

for analysts, incident and response teams, operators, suppliers, leaders, and consultants.

Process Alarm Management and Response

U+2190.svg   Correlated Events   U+2192.svg

Security Alerts Management and Response

Both standards, the ISA18.2 and ISA/IEC-62443, share the similar objectives, and have a lot of things in common. These are to protect the same assets, preventing the same consequences of happening, and to respond quickly and efficiently. A few minutes can save a life or prevent a catastrophe. The analysis for decision-making process must be performed before installing and wrongly configuring alerts. The right criteria for generating alarms and alerts is required. IT approach is permanently failing to use the correct rationals, generating thousands of false alerts.

Process Alarm Management

The management of operations and production requires both models, workflows and information, on time, exact and precise. Besides ensuring the safety of industrial processes, it’s crucial to protect the health of those exposed to potential risks. This not only impacts the well-being of individuals, but also contributes to the company’s success.

Processes and security must be developed comprehensively coordinated and orchestrated together with the Cybersecurity Alert and Response Management.

ISA18 Alarm Management

ISA99 Alerts Management

Security Alerts Management

In recent decades, the escalating number of alert situations, accidents, and incidents in cybersecurity has become a critical issue. Consequently, a more comprehensive analysis is urgently needed.

Rationalization and an effective alert system – without false positives – that allows identifying the nature of events and states, facilitating on the part of operators, engineers, administrators and management, the evaluation and determination of the set of assertive decision-making.

Ensure the process stays within the predefined normal parameters. This helps in preventing detrimental effects on safety, environment, and costs. Moreover, it ensures the quality of the final product and avoids production limitations.

The WiseCourses Academy Campus

Some facts from our new Campus

Experienced Instructors

All our Instructors have real, verifiable practical experience in the subject matter of the training. Not enough, the instructors have deep knowledge on the standards directly and indirectly being used within the entire program.

We emphasize in being practical teaching concepts and transferring knowledge from the experience.

Private Forums

We have private forums for academy members. On open forums, the participants can share and exchange experiences with other members of the same course, topics, or interests. On closed forums, the participants share experiences only with the members of the same class.

Graduated Alumni

Once you become a student, you will always be a member of our Academy Campus. As a graduated, a continuing participant, or as a collaborator.

Graduated students keep access to the training courses, all its revisions and updates for a minimum period of one year, but not limited.

After the class ends, the instructors can be reached during the study period for orientation, or support during implementation on real applications.

Complimentary Material

At each training course, we provide a good quality of preselected complementary material. Such as: Technical Documents, ISA/IEC-62443 Standards (ISA Courses Only), White Papers and cases Videos, WisePlant e-book and Book (Coming Soon), Examples and reusable templates, System Integrator and User Guides, Product and system manuals.

Learning Styles

Our training system, the contents, and the way in which we develop the courses have been thought and designed taking into consideration, satisfying all the different learning styles. This allows us to maximize the transfer of knowledge and experiences to the participants, minimizing the probability of failure.

Learning Styles

+400 Participants Survey

+400 Participants Survey

Real Virtual Practice Labs

Our Labs uses real equipment which can be accessed remotely in all modalities.

Real Virtual Practice Labs

Coming Soon

Mobile Devices

Our training system, the contents and the way in which we develop the courses have been thought and designed taking into consideration, satisfying all the different learning styles. This allows us to maximize the transfer of knowledge and experiences to the participants, minimizing the probability of failure.

Donwload on Mobile Devices

Digital Badges & Certificates

We will issue Digital Badges, Diploma and Certificates.

Digital Badges

ANSI/IACET Certificate

We are already providing world class training courses through our partnership with ISA (International Society of Automation). We are now working internally to make all our training courses ANSI/IACET certified for continuous education units points awards.

ANSI/IACET Accreditation