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For what we do, the exclusive products we manufacture, the practicality of the WBS methodology, and the way in which we solve the problem of Industrial cybersecurity, the contents on our Website, the OTConnect news service is unique – both collectively and individually – to offer interesting and relevant content for each and every one of the readers.

  • We analyze the news and events that occur in the world market, we obtain information from reliable sources, we investigate the facts, we analyze the information, we reach conclusions, we comment and share.
  • We inform about the news of our products and services, including: new versions, new functionalities, new applications, we announce launches, and promotions, among others.
  • We inform about the news related to the standards: international, national and regulations that we apply or are related to our activity,
  • We inform about the news related to training and certification courses: we publish dates, announce the availability of new courses, announce free educational events, and promotions, among others.
  • We develop articles and specialized technical documents not available in public areas, only accessible to customers, students, users and subscribers.
  • We produce proven recommendations to meet needs and solve current problems in industrial security, about which we have the appropriate knowledge and corresponding credentials.

Our OTC content that we send through the service in your mailbox is not the typical “news” you find elsewhere. Additionally, we listen to the needs of readers, value their opinion and observations. We deliver this great content through a personalized newsletter, on our website, through social networks, and exclusively or privately as appropriate for each item.

Manage the Subscription

Here you can subscribe to the OTC news service via email. To comply with legal requirements of the GDPR/CASL standards, to be able to enter the subscriber list and receive the news by email, we require your double consent by confirming your email account. If you already have a user account created on our website, we recommend that you log in before subscribing.

Do not forget, review and verify our corporate policies in the following LINK

A few samplesSome of the Newsletters Sent

The OTC news service consists of a private public, private and sometimes sensitive news service, only available to our subscribers exclusively. Below we will show some examples.

Some examples will be published here soon.

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