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World Class WiseCourses Academy Campus 1WiseCourses Academy is an independent division of WisePlant. From WiseCourses we are inspired by innovation in education at WiseCourses Campus to create training processes that are representative of the world in which we currently live. Create and support new systems empowering educators and professionals who have the experience, to redesign the way in which new professionals acquire skills and knowledge that allow them to take advantage of new opportunities and face current and future challenges.

The WiseCourses Academy Campus

‎Our mission and objective are to (a) establish a system of responsibility and control over academic activities, (b) develop an analytical view of the needs of the market; (c) design, plan and execute quality training events, (d) establish appropriate evaluation mechanisms based on the objectives of each course, and (e) finally monitor and improve training and training processes to achieve the objectives.‎

WiseCourses Academy Campus

Our training system, the contents and the way in which we develop the courses have been thought and designed taking into consideration, satisfy all the different learning styles. This allows us to maximize the transfer of knowledge and experiences to participants, minimizing the likelihood of failure.


They prefer examples, practices, and procedural information. They learn with facts.


They prefer concepts, innovative and theoretical information. They learn by meaning.


They prefer to manipulate objects to experiment physically, and learn by trying. They like to work in a group to solve problems.


They prefer to think and analyze, to evaluate the options. They find it better to solve problems on their own.


They prefer graphs, drawings and diagrams. They learn with the visual presentation of information.


They prefer to listen or read the information. They learn through explanations with words.


They prefer information presented linearly and orderly. They put the details together to get the big picture.


They prefer a holistic and systematic approach. First the general idea and then go into the details.

Improve motivation and productivity in Industrial Safety – Career Development

A person’sWorld Class WiseCourses Academy Campus 2 Industrial safety career development reflects their vision, goals, motivation, and approaches to learning. Career development provides an opportunity to explore potential career goals and plan steps to achieve them. Whether individually or corporately, we assist in the planning and development of professional careers around industrial safety.

Transfer of guaranteed minimum contents in any modality – Verified™ Maturity

World Class WiseCourses Academy Campus 3

The development of a good training course requires going through a process of creation and development that must be maintained over time. According to the WiseCourses Academy methodology, it must be able to be supplied in person, virtually (synchronous, asynchronous, on demand) or mixed. Meeting this goal requires a sound investment of resources and time, accompanied by a reliable methodology that ensures consistency from all angles and perspectives. Clear and concrete objectives, content always aligned with the objectives of the course, consistent material without contradictions or errors in all its modes, including a carefully rehearsed and executed teaching voice-over. A final evaluation developed in such a way that it allows to verify the transfer of knowledge that satisfies the objectives of the course, which must be permanently updated under the critical gaze of its participants promoting and facilitating the opportunity to improve towards excellence.

The virtual laboratory consists of a set of technologies, systems, equipment, and interconnected that are accessed from different sites for the realization of practical activities.

Optional for official ISA courses – International Certification

World Class WiseCourses Academy Campus 4The courses of ISA’s professional training and certification programs are developed here. The exams for obtaining international certification are developed in the institutions authorized by SCANTRON. Once the assistant has successfully completed the training course, he or she will be eligible to take the exam and obtain professional certification.

World Class WiseCourses Academy Campus 5

‎We collaborate with the International Society of Automation (ISA.org) in the design, development, and execution of international certification courses. At the same time, we are in the process of becoming an IACET accredited study center by certifying the ANSI/IACET standards. It is our goal to obtain certification before the end of 2022.‎

World Class WiseCourses Academy Campus 6

They are used as evidence of achievement – We issue verifiable digital badges and certificates

We have implemented a system to verify the validity of certificates that are issued from WiseCourses Academy Campus and other certificates that are issued by WisePlant Group LLC, such as partners and others.

World Class WiseCourses Academy Campus 7