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About Us: WisePlant Group LLC

About Us: WisePlant Group LLC 2

We develop and provide solutions for industrial safety.

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We develop training courses and professional certification.

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We provide specialized industrial safety services.


For more than two decades, industrial systems have incorporated information technologies, initiating a process of convergence between corporate and production networks. This has been happening since the appearance of Windows 3.11, Windows NT and the incorporation of Ethernet TCP / IP in industrial communications, the creation of OPC (OLE for Process Control), which are clear examples of a reality that changed the paradigm of the islands of information forever.

Since the emergence of Stuxnet, the interest and number of threats with the capacity to compromise industrial systems have grown exponentially. During the last decade, companies dedicated to Information Security (IT) have turned to Operational Security (OT) in the search to expand their businesses by offering a wide variety of services and providing a wide variety of products and different tools that would even be difficult to list them all.

However, the information security approach for industrial plants is insufficient and misguided creating a false expectation of security. While information security has as a priority the protection of cyber components from the growing threats originated by all different actors (Entities, Hackers, Terrorist Organizations, Criminals, etc.) industrial cybersecurity has as a priority to protect the recipients of risks (people, environment, machines, community, etc.) from vulnerable components. Additionally, the tolerance to cyber risks in the field of production (OT) is much lower than that accepted in information technology (IT).

After many years of experience collaborating in the development and implementation of the ISA/IEC-62443 series of standards in industrial environments, and observing that the tools produced by information security (IT) experts are far from solving the problem of cybersecurity in the field of operations and production (OT), we decided to create a unique system – from a blank sheet of paper – that meets all the requirements of the ISA/IEC-62443 series of standards and other popular regulations. We created Zones & Conduits Manager System (ZCM).

Kind regards

Maximillian G. Kon, CEO

About Us: WisePlant Group LLC 5

Committed to the industrial cybersecurity of our clients and as part of the policy of information security, confidentiality and security against social engineering, from WisePlant we adopt the policy of not disclosing information of our clients, not even their names. Customer information is provided only with prior authorization and in the form of references.


WisePlant turns 10! – Participate and Win!

February 28, 2022
Today marks 10 years of WisePlant, in our first decade as an independent company, We have strengthened our position in the different disciplines of industrial security, and especially in cybersecurity for industrial applications, in sectors such as energy, oil, gas, continuous manufacturing in general, batch manufacturing and industrial discrete processes.

Thanks a lot! Welcome 2021

February 26, 2021
Especially during the second half of 2020 it has been very difficult to stay active, the months of isolation, the presence of the pandemic, social responsibility, obligations, commitments, and individual needs, absolutely everything was and continues to be under threat, pressure and stress.

New Partner and System Integrator Program

December 8, 2020
We create a Program of the highest level, Simple, Reliable and Profitable! Together with our Certified Partners and Integrators we build the best path for the installation of leading products and systems in the plants and applications of end users. Together we provide complete solutions covering all phases of the project lifecycle and after-sales support.

Manage, evaluate, and deploy ISA/IEC-62443 like an expert

October 23, 2020
The new training courses 2150, 2160, 2161, and 2162 are dedicated exclusively and primarily to implementation and compliance, with the ZCM system developed by WisePlant Group LLC. Users are able to begin implementation and begin to comply immediately and without delay with all the requirements of the ISA/IEC-62443 series of standards.

We have started a reengineering of WisePlant Group

August 3, 2020
Last June 2020, motivated and driven by the circumstances that continue to affect the whole world, the managers have made a strategic business decision. Several of the solutions and services that they had been offering and providing successfully, were greatly affected by the crisis generated as a result of COVID-19.

COVID-19: Action Plan with Responsibility

May 28, 2020
To our employees, customers, shareholders and the public we serve. In light of developments related to COVID-19, we would like to say first that our thoughts are with those affected by the virus around the world. In response to the pandemic, WisePlant stands ready to serve people during these uncertain times, and we are committed […]

ARPEL and WisePlant sign cooperation agreement to promote the strengthening of cybersecurity in the energy sector in Latin America and the Caribbean

August 20, 2019
ARPEL (Regional Association of Companies in the Oil, Gas and Bio-fuels Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean) recently signed a memorandum of cooperation with WisePlant Group, with the aim of jointly promoting projects, studies, events and courses related to cybersecurity in critical infrastructures, in the search to make the most of the strengths of each one for the benefit of this issue that every day has more relevance in the oil industry and gas.
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