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OTC – Industrial Cybersecurity News

Industrial cybersecurity is one of the industrial risk disciplines with the ultimate objective to protect industrial assets and to prevent intolerable potential consequences from happening. Typically, there are many disciplines of risk on industrial plants, such as, people safety, environmental safety, intrinsic safety, functional safety, and more. They all share the same objectives, such as protecting physical assets.

Understanding Zones and Conduits

Maximillian G. Kon
December 27, 2023
Every professional who designs configure and maintain any type of control systems, need to learn about zones and conduits and manage the new security requirements and develop necessary skills accordin...

CosmicEnergy ICS Malware Updates

Eduardo Kando
June 17, 2023
CosmicEnergy ICS Malware is a sophisticated cyber-attack targeting industrial control systems. It is designed to steal data, disrupt operations, and cause physical damage to critical infrastructure. P...

WisePlant turns 10!

Eduardo Kando
February 28, 2022
Today marks 10 years of WisePlant, in our first decade as an independent company, We have strengthened our position in the different disciplines of industrial security, and especially in cybersecurity...