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wProject Management

The minimalistic but yet powerful Wise Project Management was created with the idea to make project management intuitively easy, collaborative and informative. wProject has been tailored to support a wide variety of projects in a work breakdown structured manner, providing visual insight with drag and drop rich Gantt and Kanban charts capabilities.

WISE Project Management – Agile, Kanban, Gantt, and PMBOK to WBS Framework 3.0. –

wProject Management 1

Meaningful Reports

wProject Management 2

Main Dashboard

wProject Management 3

Project Details

wProject Management 4

Standard simple report showing current situation by SUC or Project.

Birdseye of all your active projects and current tasks with Gantt Chart.

Detailed view by SUC or project with Gantt Chart and tasks.

Time Tracking

wProject Management 5

Frictionless Collaboration

wProject Management 6

Kanban Chart

wProject Management 7

Record and track the time dedicated by activity or task with easy.

Receive notifications, collaborate with teammates, and reply by task or topic.

Kanban view of all tasks, providing a clear visual indication of W3 status.

Subtasks & Files

wProject Management 8

Team Management

wProject Management 9

Audit & Compliance

wProject Management 10

Followup with subtasks by each task to easier the execution and control.

Get to know the team with contact information and project role data.

Track collaboration, encouraging involvement to effortless compliance.

Industrial Cybersecurity Projects

With governance, auditing and compliance in mind, and equipped with built-in templates, wProjects makes it easy to follow-up and keep pace between collaborators on any type of industrial cybersecurity project, and at any phase or stage.

wProject Management 11

With a proven WBS methodology, mitigate the unacceptable industrial risk confidently, with efficiency and sufficiently as soon as possible, without loosing time nor over spending on unnecessary resources, to focus on what really matters, and no distractions.