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The best of both worlds: face-to-face and virtualEducational platform for combined training v4.0

Different learning stylesWe do not all absorb knowledge in the same way

Our training system, the contents and the way in which we develop the courses have been thought and designed taking into consideration, satisfying all the different learning styles. This allows us to maximize the transfer of knowledge and experiences to the participants, minimizing the probability of failure.


They prefer examples, practices, and procedural information. They learn with the facts.


They prefer concepts, innovative and theoretical information. They learn by meanings.

On going

They prefer to manipulate objects to experiment physically, and to learn by trying. They like to work in groups to solve problems.


They prefer to think and analyze, to evaluate the options. They are better off solving problems on their own.


They prefer graphs, drawings and diagrams. They learn with the visual presentation of information.


They prefer to hear or read the information. They learn through explanations in words.


They prefer information presented in a linear and orderly manner. They put the details together to get the big picture.


They prefer a holistic and systematic approach. First the general idea and then they go into the details.

Participant ResultsMore than 200 students in three years

Survey averages of participants

Instructor presentation 94%
Technical Contents 90%
Lab Sessions 90%
Course Logistics 94%
Academic Campus 90%
Did they achieve the Goals? 88%

Average result of the exams

Results in the End of Course Exam 84.2%

Verified Maturity ™Transfer of minimum content guaranteed in any modality

The development of a good training course requires going through a process of creation and development that must be maintained over time. According to the WiseCourses Academy methodology, it must be available in person, virtual (synchronous, asynchronous, on demand) or mixed.

Satisfying this objective requires a good investment of resources and time, accompanied by a reliable methodology that ensures consistency from all angles and perspectives. Clear and concrete objectives, content aligned at all times with the objectives of the course, consistent material without contradictions or errors in all its modes, including a teaching locution carefully rehearsed and executed. A final evaluation developed in such a way as to verify the knowledge transfer that satisfies the objectives of the course, which must be constantly updated under the critical eye of its participants promoting and facilitating the opportunity to improve towards excellence.

Virtual LaboratoryPractical exercises with real equipment

The virtual laboratory consists of a set of technologies, systems, equipment, and interconnects that are accessed from different sites to carry out practical activities.

Classified ContentsAll the information contents received and generated are classified

All the information contents that we receive from our suppliers and clients are classified according to their sensitivity, confidentiality, privacy and contractual obligations. Whether it is a technical document with sensitive information, commercial documentation, or even a simple email, it is a sign of our highest commitment to the protection of industrial critical infrastructure.


Our library of digital content currently has more than 2.000 items of information that were selected and are maintained to provide the highest quality and security service.

Presentations, interviews, courses, instructions, standards, guides, certificates, surveys, professional development and much more.

Available in all types of formats including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, AutoCad, templates, Microsoft Excel, and many others.

International certificationOptional for official ISA courses

The courses of the ISA professional training and certification programs are developed here.

The exams for obtaining international certification are carried out in the institutions authorized by Prometic. Once the assistant has successfully completed the training course, he will be able to take the exam and obtain the professional certification.

We issue badgesThey are used as evidence of compliance

La Mozilla Foundation created an open standard for Digital Badges, called (surprise!) Open Digital Badges, which provides a way for schools (companies and other organizations) to create credentials that individuals can use to demonstrate what they know or are qualified for. For more information visit Here.

  • Badge Name
  • URL (Evidence from Issuer)
  • Visual Identification
  • Issuer Data
  • Receiver Data
  • International Standard
  • Date of issue
  • Period of validity