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Using the ISA / IEC-62443 Standard to protect Control Systems - IC32

$1,640.00 - $2,000.00

International professional certification course on Employing the ISA / IEC-62443 Standard to protect Control Systems - IC32.

  • For ISA Members: USD 1.640, - per participant.
  • For Non-ISA Members: USD 2.000, - per participant.

* In the event that the client requests local invoicing from one of our subsidiaries in South America, the final price for each country may vary depending on local taxes and foreign trade laws in each country. At the time of completing the registration form you have a list of frequently asked questions.

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General description

The use of open standards such as Ethernet, TCP / IP, and web technologies in monitoring and data acquisition control (SCADA) and production process control networks, has begun to expose these systems to the same cyber attacks that have caused both Havoc in corporate information systems. This course provides a detailed look at how the ISA / IEC-62443 standards can be used to protect your critical control systems. This also explores the procedural and technical differences between traditional security for IT environments and those appropriate solutions for SCADA or floor floor environments.

Obtain the Professional Certification of International Validity “Industrial CyberSecurity Fundamentals Specialist” from ISA99. This is the first stage in the ISA / IEC-62443 Series Professional Certification Program.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Discuss the principles behind a long-term Industrial Cybersecurity Program.
  • Interpret the ISA / IEC-62443 CyberSecurity Guidelines and apply them in their operation.
  • Define the risk fundamentals and vulnerability analysis methodologies.
  • Describe the principles for the development of its Security Policies.
  • Explain the concepts of defense in depth and the models of zones / conduits of safety.
  • Analyze current trends in industrial security incidents and use of hacker methods to attack a system.
  • Define the principles behind key risk mitigation techniques, antivirus and update patches, firewalls and virtual private networks.

You will cover the following topics in the course:

  • Understanding the current industrial security environment: What is electronic security for industrial control and automation systems? What is different about IT systems and industrial systems?
  • How do Cyber-Attacks happen ?: Understanding the attack vectors and the steps for a successful attack.
  • Creating an Industrial Cyber ​​Security Program: critical success factors and a complete understanding of the ISA / IEC-62443-2-1 standard (ANSI / ISA.99.02.01-2009).
  • Risk Analysis: business rationality, risk identification, classification and security audit. DNSAM methodology.
  • Study of the level of risk with its security, organization and awareness policies: CSMS reach, organizational security, staff training and awareness.
  • Study of the level of risk with the remediation measures selected: personnel security, physical and environmental security, network segmentation and access control.
  • Reached the level of risk, with the implementation of measurements: risk management and implementation, system development and maintenance, management of documentation and information.
  • Monitoring and Improvement of the CSMS: compliance and revision, improve and maintain the CSMS.

Practical exercises to be done in class:

  • Development of business cases for Industrial Cyber ​​Security.
  • Conducting security and threat analysis.
  • Research and network scanning with tools for protocol analysis.
  • Basic software application for security analysis.


Participants will receive the following materials in the class (face-to-face) at their home (virtual).

  • Course lessons printed.
  • ISA / IEC-62443 standards used in the course.
  • Printed notebook with practical laboratory exercises.
  • Access to the educational campus to download complementary information and software.

Modality and Schedules:

Available in Spanish and Portuguese, in Online and Online, Synchronous and Asynchronous modalities on the Academic Campus of WiseCourses. It contains a practice test that will be done online within our Educational Campus, using the same methodology as the ISA Certification evaluation. In this way the student will feel more confident and then take the official exam under the Prometric system.

Duration: 16 hours with the teacher

Certificate N ° 1: Specialist in Fundamentals of Industrial Cybersecurity

  • CEU credits: 1,4
  • The exam to obtain professional certification is given separately with a maximum term of up to 6 months after the course. At the moment the exam is given only in English Language.
  • UPDATED: The Prometric professional certification exam is included in the price for a single opportunity. You can add as many opportunities as you need within 6 months of the end of the course by paying the additional fee of USD 150- for each new opportunity.

Summary of the outstanding features of the course:

  • Available in Spanish and Portuguese, both the voice over and the full material of the course. The course material will be available to consult in the Educational Campus (asynchronous) in both Spanish and Portuguese and English.
  • Includes online practical exercises. Each assistant accesses from the campus remotely to a dedicated computer connected in a network with the rest of the computers of the course to carry out several practical Cybersecurity exercises in networks with software and specific applications.
  • Abundant complementary reading material (including ISA / IEC-62443.
  • Virtual group study meetings until the exam even after the end of the course.
  • All the opportunities you need to take the exam up to 6 months after completing the course through the Prometric system.
  • The assistant can enter the Campus to consult the course material for a period of 1 year.
  • Coaching, chat and blog 7 × 24 for a term of 1 year assisting in the implementation of practical knowledge acquired in your organization.


All participants who meet the requirements of the course and who successfully pass the final exam with a good grade will be awarded a Digital Badge. The Digital Insignia certifies that the participant has attended the 2132 training course and has made the final evaluation test with a good grade, verifying that the participant has assimilated the new knowledge in a reasonable manner. To learn more about the Digital Badges visits here!. It is required that the participant complete all the requirements of the course to be able to take the Prometric professional certification exam described below.

Professional certificate of international recognition

All participants who have successfully completed 100% of the objectives of the IC32 course will be able to take the IC32 CyberSecurity Fundamentals Specialist international validity certification exam in the Prometric authorized units. Students who have successfully completed the course can take the exam as many times as they need for a maximum period of 6 months and thus obtain their professional certification.

The professional certification exam is of the multiple selection type and is developed only in the English language. Therefore, participants are required to have good command of written technical English.

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