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Implement ISA / IEC-62443 and other regulations throughout the life cycle of the plant process, installation and systems. It could be an old system in dire need of security or it could be a completely new system under design to meet specific cybersecurity goals. Enforce ISA / IEC-62443 without drift, saving a substantial amount of labor and time combined with accuracy and consistency with all other industrial hazard disciplines.

Zones & Conduits Manager can work in different modes, independently (on-premise / on-cloud), or connected to industrial system networks providing real-time security. Protect cyber assets and all risk receptors to prevent them from being affected. Influence the design of industrial systems, and finally the plant, to create an infrastructure much more resilient to any type of threats.

Easily implement and meet the requirements of the most comprehensive set of international standards, national laws, and best practices. Including the full ISA / IEC-62443 series, NIST, NERC, C2M2, ENISA, and many others.

Designed for security with security in mind

ZCM provides you with a role-based user management with 2FA / MFA to view, edit or comment on any asset, cyber asset, zone, pipeline, plant, process, etc. Prevent any critical information from leaving your critical facility without formal access tracked. All cybersecurity activities required by ISA / IEC-62443 remain within ZCM and only the authorized user with authorized privileges and permitted use can have access to essential and security functions or confidential information. Keep your data safe with strong native encryption, backup and restore procedures without living the ground. All sensitive information will never be shared outside the plant creating additional risks.

All in one1st True Solution for Industrial Cybersecurity

Full Visibility

The solutions based on concepts inherited by IT practices only consider those cyber-assets that are visualized in industrial networks, leaving aside the vast majority of the most critical industrial cyber-assets. Additionally, these solutions require breaking through by duplicating network traffic creating new cyber risks.

Capture the entire inventory of cyber-sensitive assets, including off-grid devices or unreachable networks assisted with trusted and verifiable manual tools. Explore industrial protocols, even those that are not based on Ethernet. There are many assets in industrial plants that, being cybernetically sensitive, do not connect to industrial networks or are in hard-to-reach segments.

Security by Design

Many professionals mistakenly believe that through monitoring, anomaly detection and eventually the incorporation of controls is sufficient to protect industrial assets from multiple threats. Jumping directly to monitoring without first incorporating security by design will lead users to a high rate of false positives and a false expectation of security. With much concern we are observing many companies are spending almost 100% of their security budgets to mitigate less relevant risks.

The solution to security through the redesign of existing systems and the design of new systems enables users to:

1 Operate your plants within the tolerable risk. The redesign of existing systems and / or the design for new systems will significantly reduce cyber risk by allowing their industrial plants to operate in the tolerable risk zone.

2 Those systems that are already operating within the remaining or tolerable risk can be monitored and supervised for the detection of intrusions and / or anomalies without false positives. Additionally, you will know exactly what needs to be monitored and for what reason, significantly reducing the need to capture all traffic and establish multiple connections.

Know the systemSystem Components

The system offers two different models of Servers. The first with greater processing capacity and redundancy, and the second ideal for remote applications in small to medium systems.

The following correspond to the field analyzers that are spread out in the plant over the different zones and conduits that must be monitored. The analyzers can be used during the three phases of the Industrial Cybersecurity life cycle. The Inspector is ideal to be used in the phases of evaluation and maintenance for audit purposes.

The following are complementary and work teams.

Implementation Services

The Zones & Conduits Manager ™ system in conjunction with the services for industrial cybersecurity will allow you to reduce the times, efforts and costs of implementing your CSMS program by 50%. ZCM will prevent deviations from the ISA / IEC-62443 by maximizing investment in security and minimizing industrial cyber risk.

Ensure compliance by avoiding deviations while significantly saving the efforts and time of implementation of the Industrial Cybersecurity standards ISA / IEC-62443. Complementarily incorporate the mandatory regulations for some critical sectors of the United States of America.





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For System IntegratorsBecome a certified system integrator in Industrial Cybersecurity

If you are a control system integrator with extensive experience in industrial process automation, you have extensive knowledge of industrial processes and other industrial risk disciplines, then you can incorporate our ZCM system into your portfolio of solutions to meet security needs cybernetics in critical infrastructures with ease.

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