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The WiseGroup subsidiaries are located in some of the most important cities in South America. We know very well all the South American territory and the Mercosur regulations that are key to develop a safe operation optimally.

ArgentinaAutonomous City of Buenos Aires, Belgrano

Here is one of the two centers of excellence in solutions for digital cities, information technologies (IT) and operations (OT), instrumentation and control solutions where we have a course room and a staging area for assembly of safety instrumented systems cabinets certified by HIMA. Operating Offices located in Migueletes Street 1231, 2 Floor A C1426BUQ, CABA - Buenos Aires.

BrazilItaim Bibi Sao Paulo and Salvador de Bahia

Here is located one of the two centers of excellence in solutions for information technology (IT), operations (OT), instrumentation and control solutions where we have course rooms. Operating Offices Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 3188, Itaim Bibi, São Paulo, CEP 04538-132, Brazil.

Here is one of the two centers of excellence in solutions for operations technologies (OT), instrumentation and control solutions where we have a classroom. Operating Offices Mundo Plaza Building, Av. Tancredo Neves 620 Walking 33, Caminho Das Árvores, Salvador, CEP 41820-901, Brazil.

ChileMacul Santiago

Center of excellence in instrumentation, industrial automation, and home automation solutions where we have a course room and a staging area for assembling industrial systems cabinets. Operating Offices located in Av. Benito Rebolledo N ° 1917 Macul, Santiago.

ColombiaIndustrial Centenario Bogotá

Center of excellence in solutions for plant intelligence and industrial processes in operations technologies (OT), center of excellence in safety solutions for the environment and workers where we have a training room and consulting services for critical industrial infrastructure. Operating Offices located in 15 Street N ° 33 18 Industrial Centenario, Bogotá.

USABoca Raton and Pompano Beach

Our company is located here for business development in the United States. From here we provide consulting services for Industrial Cyber ​​Security and Critical Infrastructures in addition to specialized educational services. Located on 7000 W Palmetto Park Road Suite 210, Boca Raton (33433), Florida USA.

Our headquarters and legal domicile have been located since mid-2017. We maintain the facilities solely for administrative and logistical purposes. No customers or suppliers are received at this location. (see Boca Raton). Corporate Offices located at 130 Cypress Club Road Pompano Beach (33060), Florida.


It is the heart of our logistics center located in the free zone where we have our main warehouses and emergency stock. From here we can ship products with door-to-door delivery service. Here is our regional service base for technical support, consulting and training. Administrative office located in the 1343 Convention Street, 3 Floor ° Office #403, 11100, Montevideo.

We have two logistics centers, the first strategically located in the Free Trade Zone of Montevideo (Cede del Mercosur) and the second one located in the south of Florida in the United States of America where we keep products in stock with the possibility of dispatching in 24 to any destination from South America, which allows us to quickly respond to our customers with an installed base in the region and with the lowest possible logistics cost.

All our shipments are insured against loss, damage and loss and are developed by one of the companies that know the most about logistics.

All logistic movements are carried out by DHL Global Forwarding operated from Montevideo Uruguay and by DHL Express operated from the United States of America. We have a door-to-door delivery service which is very beneficial for those customers who are located in countries of the region where we do not have our own offices.

Soon all customers can track their orders in real time from our own website and from your own cell phone without the need to have to contact us to know the status of your order, delivery forecast, payment of your bills, and other amenities.