Generate, manage and access a collaborative environment for industrial cyber risk management that is 100% compliant with the ISA/IEC-62443 series and popular regulations, mitigating long-term industrial cyber risk, reducing efforts and investment, with up-to-date, centralized information when needed. Throughout our experience, we have identified the problems that professionals face (lacking practical experience) when implementing an industrial cybersecurity program effectively and efficiently. Lack of experience inevitably leads to poor management of industrial cyber risk and constant overspending that is done year after year erratically. Among the problems identified are:

  • Problem 1. Use of multiple technological tools, which are insufficient to meet all the requirements of the standard. It is not useful to meet some mandatory requirements, or all the requirements are met, or it is not met and done badly. Unmitigated risk.
  • Problem 2. Little knowledge and experience in implementing the industrial cyber risk management lifecycle defined in ISA/IEC-62443. The reality is that very few professionals and companies know how to do it correctly. This issue puts (unreliable) results at risk, lengthens execution times, and increases costs. Unmitigated risk.
  • Problem 3. There is no transfer of knowledge, it depends on a single expert, it prevents the program from adhering naturally to the organization, there is no cultural change in the organization, again costs are generated according to the wrong interests and objectives. Unmitigated risk.

These are just a few of the most common problems, but the list is much longer. For this reason, we developed a complete system – from a blank paper – for risk management in industrial cybersecurity, where the life cycle and all the requirements of the ISA/IEC-62443 standard, and other popular regulations (NIST, NERC, INGAA, ENISA …) are met, but fundamentally, most importantly, mitigate all risks effectively, efficient and sufficient.

We guarantee that by using our industrial cyber risk management system and our proven methodology, you will achieve the desired thing, that industrial cybersecurity is an investment and not an expense as it is for many.

We guarantee that the industrial cyber risk analysis will allow identifying the current risk and result in the definition of recommendations that based on the redesign will be implemented to mitigate the risk and keep the system at a tolerable risk, with a low cost of monitoring.

So if you want to do cybersecurity as it should be done and with the minimum investment, minimum efforts and without taking unnecessary risks in your industrial process and with the best impact on the business, contact us, and we will show you our system and the components of the ASSESS module.

Thanks to the digitalization of government and centralized industrial cyber risk management, avoiding the use of multiple incomplete tools, it guarantees the success of risk analysis and all activities after making correct decisions, for: its design, implementation, operation in 7×24 trust out of risks and safe maintenance. All this without exaggerated bureaucracy.

ZCM system with ASSESS Software

System for the evaluation of industrial cyber risks and making correct decisions that really mitigate the risk in an effective, efficient and sufficient way with the determination of the target security levels (SL-T).

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About the author: Eduardo Kando WiseGroup Manager