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Assess the risks and make the right decisions that actually work effectively and efficiently needed to meet the risk tolerable by the organization. It could be an old system in urgent need of security or it could be a completely new system under design to meet specific cybersecurity goals.Meet all isA/IEC-62443 series requirements without deviations, saving a substantial amount of work and time combined with precision and consistency with all other industrial risk disciplines.

Easily implement and comply with the requirements of the most comprehensive set of international standards, national laws and best practices. Including the complete series ISA/IEC-62443, NIST, NERC, C2M2, ENISA, and many others in a reasonable, balanced and without excesses that do not work.

Designed for security with security in mindThe most powerful and reliable asset and risk analyzer on the market

Prevent any critical information from leaving your critical facility without formal access tracked. All cybersecurity activities required by ISA/IEC-62443 (and other regulations) remain within ZCM and only the authorized user with authorized privileges and permitted use can have access to specific features.Keep all data safe with strong native encryption, backup, and restore procedures without leaving the plant. All sensitive information will never be shared outside the plant creating additional risks.


Full VisibilityDiscovering and Analyzing Vulnerabilities

Solutions based on concepts inherited by IT practices only consider those cyber-assets that are visualized in industrial networks, leaving aside the vast majority of the most critical industrial cyber-assets. Additionally, these solutions require breaking through by doubling network traffic creating new cyber risks.

Capture the entire inventory of cyber-sensitive assets, including off-grid devices or unreachable assisted networks with verifiable and trusted hand tools.Analyze industrial protocols, even those that are not Ethernet-based. There are many assets in industrial plants that, being cybernetically sensitive, do not connect to industrial networks or are in segments that are difficult to reach.

Understanding EverythingTotal understanding of the System and Risk Receptors to Be Protected

Cyber Assets

Physical Assets

Making the Best Mitigation DecisionsMaking decisions effectively and efficiently for Security

Many professionals mistakenly believe that through monitoring, anomaly detection and eventually the incorporation of controls is enough to protect industrial assets from multiple threats. Jumping straight into monitoring without first incorporating security by design will lead users to a high rate of false positives and a false expectation of security. With enough concern we are observing how many companies are wasting almost 100% of their budgets on unsatisfactory solutions that do not comply.

Training and Professional CertificationCourses available for Industrial Risk Assessment

The following training courses have been specially created to guide participants in conducting industrial cyber risk assessments on existing or future systems.

Certificado 2
Certificado 2


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