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Existing Systems: are all those industrial systems that already exist in the industrial field. From modern systems to the oldest system with urgent need for security. It is never too late to deal with industrial safety. Better late than never. Future Systems: are all those systems that do not yet exist in the industrial field, and that are in the engineering phase. From a basic engineering we can already perform risk assessments and make sure that the system to be purchased meets the tolerable risk per end user. This is the best time to influence the design of the control system and the plant. Before making purchases.

Fair, necessary and sufficientImplementing security + mitigating risks + protecting assets

Whether it is an engineering-stage system or an existing system, the design or redesign will provide the security and peace of mind of effective and efficient risk mitigation, at the lowest cost. The return on investment will be maximum and better yet, the risks will be mitigated. The operation of industrial processes will be much more predictable and resilient to the most variable and persistent threats.


Simplified ZCM System ArchitectureManaging, monitoring, measuring and protecting

Solutions based on concepts inherited by IT practices focus on vulnerability mitigation and information security of cyber components assuming that this is protecting risk recipients. They mistakenly devote all efforts to mitigating vulnerabilities by wasting resources, wasting time and still not meeting the security needs of industrial environments. Our solution with the ZCM system and WBS methodology consolidates decades of knowledge of control systems and experience in all types of industries. Our solution mitigates risk and protects everything that really matters. Don’t overspend or underinvest.

Capture the necessary operation (without exaggeration) of cybernetically sensitive components, including off-grid devices or unreachable networks assisted with optimal tools specially designed for that purpose.Analyze industrial protocols, even those that are not Ethernet-based. There are many assets in industrial plants that, being cybernetically sensitive, do not connect to industrial networks or are in segments that are difficult to reach. Likewise, protect and monitor physical and worker assets.

Industrial Cybersecurity Life CycleOthers mitigate vulnerabilities, we mitigate risk!

Professional Training and CertificationCourses available for the Design and Implementation phase

2161: Workshop to based on the result of the risk assessment details redesign existing systems and the plant or design future systems to implement safety, mitigate all risks and protect risk recipients optimally, effectively and efficiently.

IC34: Official ISA course to understand and interpret in an appropriate way all the necessary and mandatory requirements of the ISA/IEC-62443 series of standards to cover the Design and Implementation phase of industrial cybersecurity. It contains the right to obtain the International Certificate.

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