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2022-AUG-07: We have introduced Improvements to the Navigation Menu

We have recently introduced several improvements to the main navigation menu, especially under the user and academy sections. Please take some time to get familiar with the changes. A few more changes will be introduced during the next couple of days. This announcement will soon be updated with the summary of changes.

Already done:

  1. Improve speed and performance through better coding and applications.
  2. Improve speed and performance through Database configuration and tuning.
  3. Improved navigation menus. Reorganized items, and more options based on roles.
  4. Updated some informational pages.
  5. Share Website content to Social Networks (LinkedIn,. Facebook, Twitter, ….)
  6. New Privacy Settings to Social Share options.
  7. Created an Academic Calendar.
  8. New Progress Reports for Academic activities, including: individual, group, and detailed.

Note: we are still working on new tasks, such as:

  • Consistency of the web when switching between languages. After we started with the migration of the Web (a few weeks ago), several pages are still using mixed languages. Example: Spanish and English content on the same page. We are cleaning these mixed language contents.
  • Security, including authentication, validation, verification, security (firewall),….
  • Reduce areas where the occasional visitors can access information, posts, comments, reviews of registered users.
  • Improvements to the WISE Community with better, more features and modules.
  • Improvements to Course Learning Certificates and Open Badges.
  • Our own embedded video streaming, online meetings and show platform.
  • OTC News, the news that matters. Several improvements are being introduced.

Planned for future:

  • Portuguese Users.
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