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ISA – International Society of Automation

ISA - International Society of Automation 1

Committed to our mission, vision and corporate values, we collaborate with renowned organizations in disseminating and promoting international standards and global best practices in the industry. WisePlant executives have been accompanying the development of the ISA/IEC-62443 standards since 2006, before the first versions of the standards were published.

We support and deliver ISA official agnostic courses

ISA - International Society of Automation 2We have collaborated with ISA Training during the design and development of the ISA99 professional training and certification program (IC32, IC33, IC34 and IC37). We are authorized by ISA Training to provide the complete program of professional training and certification in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Link: https://www.isa.org/training-and-certification/isa-training/about-isa-training/training-partners

ISA - International Society of Automation 3International Professional Training and Certification Program in Cybersecurity and Industrial Critical Infrastructures.This training program consists of a series of courses organized in Levels. Once the student has incorporated a minimum of knowledge and satisfactorily passed the evaluations, he will feel confident about the knowledge acquired and will be in optimal conditions to seek the Professional Certification granted by the international non-profit organization ISA (International Society of Automation).

The safety of your industrial processes affects the safety and health of your employees, as well as the success of your company. It all depends on the quality of your safety training.

Operations and production management requires both timely, accurate and accurate models, workflows and information, as well as industrial process safety that can affect the safety and health of your multiple risk recipients, as well as the success of your company. Processes and security must be developed in an integral way.

Benefits for active members. Be an active member of ISA

ISA - International Society of Automation 4It is of great advantage for all professionals who develop activities in the industrial field, to be active members of ISA, and to maintain active membership year after year. ISA offers significant benefits for members that favor and facilitate career development. There is no doubt about the importance and value of more than 150 international standards for global industry. Professional development with a good academic agnostic background, accompanied by the benefits that ISA provides to its members, results in a very positive impact for the industry and, therefore, for the organizations that hire them. In case you need advice for the incorporation of membership in the professional career programs, please contact us. Take action!

Certifying Industrial Devices and Systems. ISA Secure

ISA - International Society of Automation 5We are active members of ISA Secure and were the first company in Latin America to enter as active collaborators of the organization. Link: https://www.isasecure.org/en-US/News-Events/WisePlant-HQ-joins-ISA-Security-Compliance-Institu

Alliance for Industrial Cybersecurity, founding member. ISAGCA

ISA - International Society of Automation 6We are founding members of the alliance of companies for the development and dissemination of best practices in Industrial Cybersecurity. Link: https://isaautomation.isa.org/cybersecurity-alliance/