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QMS Structure (QMS)

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This section describes the different elements of the WiseGroup QM System and how these are related to each other. While some elements can be accessed and visible to the public, other elements are restricted or only visible by specific users.


Policies are the main and primary directives at the top level of WisePlant Group LLC management to support and rule the company’s mission and vision.

A program reflects the efforts of the company to perform the business, provide services, and manufacture products. The specific program helps the company to keep in compliance with international standards, regulations and best practices. Examples of programs can be: the Secure Product Development Program (SPDP), the ISO9000 quality management system (QMS), the ANSI/IACET certification, the WBS framework. A program can use one or more systems.

A business process or processes consists of activities related to the WiseGroup business, organized by function or department. Examples of these are: marketing, logistics, sales, procurement, administration, etc.

The systems are tools used by the company to perform its activities, they way pretended. A system can be a software solution, a piece of software, a hardware, or a combination of them. Examples of systems can be: the academic campus, the CRM System, the Website, Microsoft Exchange, the ZCM System, etc.

The procedures provide to the intended audience a step-by-step description of how to produce certain outcomes or results.

The instructions provide a detail explanation about how to perform either specific tasks within a system or steps within a procedure.

The records are typically the outputs containing certain data or information. These can be an artifact, a document, or a report produced by a policy, program, procedure, system, activity, task, or step. A record can be used as evidence of something, such as compliance.


Use the following folders to visit and navigate through the elements within the QM System.

Policies & Legals
Policies & Legals

This section contains the WisePlant Group LLC corporate policies and legal terms


The following list describes the different Programs being implemented or already implemented

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